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8 Days Eat

Here are all 8 episodes of the 8 Days Eat TV Series which I filmed with the lovely Belinda Lee.   I wanted to bring an extra-dimension to a typical food show by discussing certain things like how to choose crabs and durians and also some historical tit bits of Singapore food. I also wanted to feature young hawkerpreneurs who are the future of Singapore hawker food.  So far, many people have told me that they have found it a refreshing take on the typical food show!

Hope you enjoy watching it!

Episode One:  Last Man Standing

Synopsis:  This episode deals with those dishes that are fast disappearing in our local food scene.  Things like freshly made putu mayam, satay bee hoon, putu piring and kueh tutu!  It might be a surprise to you that Kueh Tutu was invented right here in Singapore!

Featured Places:
1.  Tan’s Tutu Kueh
2.  Putu Piring
3.   Heavens Putu Mayam
4.  Centre Satay Bee Hoon

Episode 2: Death by Durians

Synopsis:  In this episode, we visit four durian vendors and learn all about durians, from how to choose them, to how to tell a real Mao Shan Wang to a fake one.  If you are a durian newbie or even if you have eating durians all your life, I am sure you will still learn something about this enigmatic fruit in this episode!

Featured Places:
1.  Durian Seng
2.  818 Durian Trading
3.  Katong Durian
4.  Kong Lee Hup Kee

Episode 3: A Crabby Affair

Synopsis: In this episode, we talk all about crabs.  I will bring you to a crab farm in Lim Chu Kang to show you how to choose crabs, then we show you where to find some of the best crab dishes in Singapore!

Featured places:
1.  Huat Kee Crab Supplier
2.  Chin Huat Live Seafood
3.  Mattar Road Seafood
3.  Singapura Restaurant

Episode 4:  In Hot Soup

Synopsis: In this episode we deal with soups.  Now, when you think of soup, you might think of Bak Kut Teh, but we also feature some Malay and Indian soups as well!

Featured Places:
1.  Haji M Abdul Razak Sup Kambing
2.  Al Mahboob Indian Rojak
3.  Earth Jar Treasure
4.  Founder Bak Kut Teh

Episode 5:  It’s All About Mee!

Synopsis:  We visit four noodle places to see how this versatile staple brought to our shores by Chinese immigrants has been transformed into uniquely Singaporean dishes!

Featured Places:
1.  Rahim Power Mee Rebus
2.  Hass Bawa Mee Goreng
3.  Xiao Di Hokkien Mee
4.  Eng’s Wanton Mee

Episode 6:  Sweet Dreams are Made of These

Synopsis:  We visit four stalls selling delectable local desserts and discuss the difference between traditional bean curd made with gypsum powder and the modern ones made from GDL lactone!

Featured Places:
1.  Dove Desserts
2.  Whampoa Bean Curd
3.  Tong Heng Egg Tarts
4.  Heng Heng Tapioca Cake

Episode 7: Rice in Disguise

Synopsis:  In today’s episode we discover the myriad dishes made from rice which you might not recognize!  Things like thosai, chee cheong fun and carrot cake!

Featured Places:

1.  Lau Goh Chye Thow Kuay
2.  Fu Ming Carrot Cake
3.  Pin Wei Chee Cheong Fun
4.  Prata Place Thosai

Episode 8: Hot and Sweaty!

Synopsis:  In this final episode of the series, we take you to all the places that serve up a hot and spicy dish that will make you sweat even more in already hot Singapore!

Featured Places:
1.  Northern Thai Tom Yum Soup
2.  Cantonese Delights Laksa Yong Tau Foo
3.  Karu’s Banana leaf Fish Head Curry
4.  Rumah Makan Minang

Thanks to Sen 028 for the video uploads!

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