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Category: 8 Joo Chiat

Everything with Fries: Everything but the Fries

Private Affairs: Unexpectedly Fine Dining in Joo Chiat

Xu Jun Sheng Teochew Cuisine: It doesn’t get better than this!

Dai Dong Prawn Noodles: Lost n Found!

Astons Prime: Great Value Sizzling Steaks

Hong Mao Wanton Mee: I don’t see no Ang Mo around

Tai Shek Hai House of Bamboo Noodles: So Good You can Eat it on its Own!

Eng Seng Restaurant: Ring Up First or No Crabs for You!

D’bun: Cheesecake Mooncake

Old Swee Kee: The Resurrection of an Icon?

Kim’s Joo Chiat: XO Hokkien Mee: A Tale of Passion and Tenacity

Bak Changs with a Char Siew Twist