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Category: 8 CBD

Sayang Nasi Padang: Simple Satisfaction

Barcook Bakery: Ooooh so soft and silky, but don’t fight ok?

Oven Marvel (formerly Delicious Muffins): Hotel Quality Homemade Puff Pastry

Tomo Izakaya: Casual Japanese “Dim Sum”

Hock Lam Beef Kway Teow: Let’s Raise the Bar on Beef Kway Teow!

Molly Malone’s: Beer Batter Fish n Chips!

Ali Nachia Briyani Dum: Real Dum Briyani

Chocolat N Spice: Hotel quality Muffins at Hawker Prices

Beef Delights: What do you do when you found something good to eat?

Kok Sen Restaurant: Just how do you define Cze Char?

Tong Ya Coffee: Super Crispy Kaya Toast!

Mr Teh Tarik: I wonder what the tarik does to the tea?