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Category: Indian

Ali Khan Restaurant: Coin Prata!

Victory Murtabak: 103 years and still going strong!

Al Musafir Restaurant: Place for a quick Naan fix

Islamic Restaurant: The Grandaddy of Biryanis!

Blue Diamond Restaurant: Super Spiced Dum Biryani

Subhaini Family Stall: Sup Kambing Sup Kambing! I found you at last!

Heaven’s Indian Curry: Manna from Heaven indeed

Karu’s Banana Leaf Restaurant: Fish Head Curry worth travelling for

A Rashid Khan Indian Food: Old School Mee Siam and Sup Kambing!

Habib’s Rojak: Go West young man!

Al Mahboob Indian Rojak: Sup Tulang, Rojak, Mee Kuah, All Red, All Good!

The Bismillah Ultimate Biryani Challenge!