Chindamani Crispy Prata: Very thin, very crispy!

After blogging for over a decade, I never thought I would come across a new type of prata.  But here it is.  Thin and crispy prata.

Oh, but you say, that’s old news!

But just hold your horse sic and take a closer look at this prata.

This is the first time I have come across a prata that is folded such that it resembles a window frame.  The edges are double layered and the centre consists of only one thin layer like tissue prata!

This style of folding results in a prata that is thin and almost biscuit like.  The dough shatters when you break the prata apart.  It’s nice to eat, but I do feel that it lacks that chewy component which is also nice to have in a prata.

I usually prefer the plain version in most prata stalls but this is one stall where I will actually recommend the egg version.   Because of the crispy dough and the way it is folded,  you get both crispy parts as well as doughy, chewy parts where the eggs are.  The contrast between the two parts make the egg prata a joy to eat.

This is one of those stalls that still bothers to make their own prata dough and you can tell by the dough being placed in plastic boxes and sacks of “Ikan Terbang” flour at the back of the stall.  With many prata shops now opting for factory made dough balls, this is one of the signs I look out for in order to decide whether to add them to my list of recommended prata places.

Another thing I like about the place is that they seem to be very focused on their prata. Lots of places, especially the 24 hr ones try to provide lots of other stuff like Indian rojak and various types of curries.  This stall just gives a standard fish curry which is delicious and an optional chicken curry which is also very good.  4.5/5


Another good place for a prata meal especially if you are after thin and crispy prata.  This is one place where I would recommend the egg prata over the plain ones as I like the contrast between the crispy parts and the doughy eggy parts.  The standard fish curry is delicious and goes very well with the prata.  They do have other branches so you may have one nearer to you!

Chindamani Indian Food Stall

Blk 151A Serangoon North Ave 2
Singapore 551151
View Map

Opening hours:

6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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