Barakhath: Good and Cheap Indian Food!


Little India is somewhat like the “Final Frontier” for me or perhaps the “Undiscovered Country”.  You can walk along its narrow streets and forget that you are actually in Singapore!  I actually find Indian food very tasty.  The problem is that I can’t stomach too much of the spices, so I don’t eat it too often.  But every now and again, someone would bring me to an Indian meal and I always end up wondering why I don’t eat it more often!


This little restaurant just behind Tekka Place was just opened earlier this year in the midst of the Covid Pandemic.  Its founder, Mr A.R. Mashuthoo is a retired Tamil teacher who set it up with the heart to some social good.  As such, anyone with a Pioneer Generation card can just pick anything they want and pay just $5.  In addition, everyday he would pack meals to be given away!


The food Barakhath is very good and the prices are reasonable which explains why the place already attracts long queues during mealtimes after being just opened for a few months.  Mr Mashuthoo insists on using only fresh meats and seafood to make the dishes which are essentially all his own home recipes. You can tell that he is serious about his ingredients but simply looking at the quality of the basmati rice he uses for the biryani!  The fish were all very fresh and flakes nicely without any fishy odour.

The more unique dishes are the Indian style black pepper fish as well as the onion omelette.  The black pepper curry is his own home recipe and not anything like the black pepper sauce we are more familiar with.  Their onion omelet is a simple dish of egg fried with red onions, but done very nicely and is the kind of dish I would order every time I eat there.  The rest of the other dishes were simply delicious and fortunately for me, not overly spicey so I managed to finish the meal without breaking a sweat!  4.25/5


New restaurant serving good and cheap Indian food!  This is the type of place which you would probably go every week if you were working nearby and have a special liking for Southern Indian food!


Barakhath Restaurant

11 Dalhousie Ln,
Singapore 209680
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Opening hours:

9:30 AM to 9:00 PM



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