Biryani Concepts: Dum Biryani with Wine Pairing

Kashmiri Naan

Since its inception in 2017, Mr Biryani has built a reputation for offering an authentic Hyderabadi Dhum Biryani, featuring spices directly sourced from India. Ask any Biryani enthusiast where to find the best Biryani in Singapore and Mr Biryani would inadvertantly be on the shortlist.

Now Mr Biryani whose real name is Govinda Rajan has opened another restaurant in Siglap where you can “Wine and Dine with a Kick of Spice”. At Biryani Concepts you can enjoy the signature dishes of Mr Biryani with the option of pairing it with Indian wines!

Biryani $13.90

Their signature Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is made in the traditional manner which involves marinating the meat overnight before it is cooked together with basmati rice. As you can see in the photo, Mr Biryani doesn’t compromise on the quality of the basmati rice. Each spindly grain is light, fluffy, and infused with aromatic spices. I enjoy eating the fragrant rice on its own, without the need to drown it in curry. 4.25/5

Govind has introduced a Hyderabadi-style fish head curry for the new restaurant, which my friend, Cactuskit, a crazy fish head lover, gave his resounding approval. To clarify, fish head curry isn’t actually found in Hyderabad, but the curry gravy is inspired by Hyderabadi fish curry. The gravy is more similar to the Assam-style fish curry and is made without the use of coconut milk, so it is not as rich. The fish is very fresh and perfectly cooked, and the unique gravy is tangy and not overly spicy. I didn’t find it as alluring as Cactuskit did, still preferring my fish head curry to be a little more lemak. 4/5

Tandoori Platter $45.90 Tandoori Tiger prawn, tandoori Malai Broccoli, Chicken Tikka, Fish Tikka, Chicken Malai Tikka, Lamb Seekh kebab

I did enjoy the tandoori platter. The meats were nicely marinated and went well with the crispy garlic naan. Aside from the usual chicken and fish tikka, they have a very nice Malai broccoli which is marinated in cream and spices which was very good. 4.25/5

Garlic Naan $4.90 per piece

The naan breads here are excellent. They are thin and crispy instead of the usual naan which is soft and fluffy. I could eat a whole plate of these. 4.5/5

Bhindi Palli Fry $12.90

If you are looking for a vegetable dish, we can recommend the Bhindi Palli Fry. They use okra from India which is smaller and isn’t as slimey as the local version. 4/5

Biryani Concepts brings a modern Indian concept to the East where you can enjoy authentic dum biryani and Northern Indian delicacies complemented by a curated selection of Indian wines. If you’re craving a touch of spice in the East, this restaurant is worth checking out.

Biryani Concepts

27 Upper E Coast Rd, Crescendo Building,
Singapore 455211
View Map

Opening hours:

Lunch: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Dinner: 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm



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