Le Petit Paris: Another Ang Moh in the Neighbourhood Story

The last time I wrote about an “Ang Moh in the Heartlands” (AMIH)” was way back in 2007, where I featured La Pizzaiola. Chef Loris Massimini’s little takeaway pizzeria was located under an HDB block in Holland Drive. He has since gone on to open his restaurant, Pietrasanta, so he’s no longer considered an Ang Moh in the Heartlands.

Today, we feature another AMIH story which has somewhat gone full circle. Chef Felicien Cueff, 56, arrived in Singapore over 20 years ago as the Executive Chef of Hilton Hotel, after having worked in various Michelin Star restaurants in Europe and the US. After a rich and varied career in Singapore, he decided to open his little restaurant where he could, in his own words, “cut the BS and serve the good stuff without the microgreens”.

Chef Felicien Cueff and partner Catherine Du

Before opening Le Petit Paris in a “bird forsaken” (鸟不生蛋) corner of Opera Estate, he had gained critical acclaim as a private dining chef. His culinary expertise was matched only by his penchant for entertaining guests with his Singlish antics. Having spent more than twenty years in Singapore, Chef has not only adopted our local mannerisms but also understands Singaporean dining preferences.

So, at his cozy bistro, he serves delicious French cuisine without unnecessary embellishments. The establishment is open all day, welcoming guests for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea.

It’s worth noting that the Chef is a knowledgeable wine connoisseur with an impressive collection available. Just be sure to inquire about prices beforehand, unless you want to be eating economic rice for the rest of the month.

Review of Dishes


French Onion Soup $16++ for full portion (Tasting Portion Shown)

The French Onion Soup was truly outstanding. Chef makes the stock with oxtail, resulting in a rich and deeply flavorful broth. Topped with toasted brioche and melted Emmenthal cheese, each spoonful is a delight. The tasting portion I had only left me craving more. It’s a definite must-try when you visit. 4.5/5

Pan Fried Foie Gras $29++ for full portion (half portion shown)

The foie gras was presented simply on toasted brioche with a few dots of homemade jam. This is consistent with Chef’s philosophy of dispensing with the BS and serving portions big enough to satisfy your craving without burning a hole in the pocket.

We were served quite a nice portion (60-80g) of foie gras which was cooked to perfection, with the insides still creamy while the outside is nice and crusted. The brioche helped to absorb all the fat while providing another layer of buttery sweetness. It goes to show that like a good steak, you don’t need to complicate things! 4.25/5

Provencal Scallop Salad $26++ (3 Scallops in normal portion)

The scallops were perfectly seared on the outside and still translucent on the inside and served with a refreshing cucumber brunoise lemon smoked paprika dressing. They are not the sweetest scallops we have eaten but nice enough and go well with the crisp cucumber. The capsicum swirls gave a colorful contrast to the dish. 4/5


Smoked Pork Belly (24 hr slow cooked) $34++

If you are tired of eating crispy thin bacon and want thick-cut pork belly that is smoky, springy, and juicy, then the smoked pork belly will surely satisfy that craving. The pork belly is cured, smoked, and sous vide for 24 hours and pan-seared just before serving. The pork belly is served over creamy potato mash. Delicious, satisfying, and sure to satiate your craving for bacon! 4.5/5

Atlantic Salmon $38++

As with all the other proteins, Chef manages to cook the salmon perfectly such that it is still slightly translucent in the middle and flakes nicely. The salmon is served with a walnut pesto on a bed of seared king mushrooms. Not die die must try but very nice! 4.25/5

Dessert and Pastries

Le Petit Gateaux $25++ for 5 pieces

As you enter the bistro, your attention is immediately drawn to the display fridge featuring Chef Felicien’s unique array of gluten-free cakes, adorned in a vibrant spectrum of colors and shapes. These petite gateaux serve as delightful desserts, while larger versions are crafted for birthdays and special celebrations.

Comprised primarily of chocolate and cream (cremeux), they are infused with an assortment of fruit flavours, resulting in a visually stunning and irresistibly enticing treat. 4/5

Butterfly $3.80+

Their pastries are outsourced to an external bakery who make them according to Chef’s own recipes but are baked fresh on the premises. The croissants have an excellent layered structure but we would have like them a little more buttery. 4/5 Their Butterfly pastry or palmier is really good. Its crisp, caramelised, buttery and sweet and goes so well with a cup of coffee! 4.5/5

Breakfast and Brunch Menu

The breakfast and brunch menu is available until 12pm on weekdays and till 2pm on weekends.

Brioche French Toast $20++

The French Toast here is properly done here with a custardy center that is soaked through which is the way French Toast should be! 4.25/5

Brioche Egg Benedict $22++

I am still incredulous that what is called an egg benedict is a slice of brioche with a fried egg in the middle, served with sauteed potatoes. It is very nice but if you are expecting poached egg and ham on a toasted English muffin, then you’d be sorely disappointed! The egg is cooked over easy so that the yolk is flowing, the potatoes are lovely and it comes with creamy Hollandaise sauce. 3.5/5

Watch short reel of our experience


Le Petit Paris is a cozy little French bistro that you can return to again and again for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, or even just for an ice cream to cool off. Here’s where you get unpretentious French food served by an accomplished French Chef.

They are located along Swan Road Ave which is part of the PCN route to East Coast Park and in the same row of shophouses as Plank Sourdough Pizza and Black & Ink. So, the next time you’re in Opera Estate do remember that there’s a quaint little French Bistro where you can pop in for some coffee and French pastries and perhaps a slice of Foie Gras and French Onion soup if you feel like it. Bon Appetit!

Le Petit Paris

15 Swan Lake Ave, Opera Estate
Singapore 455711
View Map

Opening hours:

Weekdays: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Weekends: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm





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