ieat Forum Makan Session: Cafe de Hong Kong
Report by Joao, Photos by Cactuskit

If you attend multiple ieat makan sessions you may notice a few recurring faces. For some reason, this group of diners always seems to be quick enough to register for makan sessions before registration closes due to overwhelming oversubscription. How do they do it?! It’s as if they have some sort of mystical foreknowledge about when these makan session registrations will open! Well, it’s hardly a secret, but as it turns out, they doindeed have an early warning system — it’s called the ieatishootipost forum.

We recently had a makan session at Cafe de Hong Kong exclusively for our forummers who are a closely knit bunch of foodies regularly sharing tips on where to eat on the forum. On the menu for the evening were some off-menu new dishes as well as old favorites. Some outstanding dishes (that haven’t already been featured on this blog) were the silky smooth Coral Tofu and CDHK’s signature Roast Chicken accompanied by a new chicken-liver dipping sauce. You really need to try this dipping sauce; it’s so meaty and rich, but it complements the succulent chicken perfectly. If there are any readers who have yet to visit CDHK, I have only four words for you — you are missing out. Rectify this post-haste!

If you would like to receive early-warning about the next makan session or if you would like to participate in future forum-only makan sessions, check out the ieatishootipost forum. Register your nickname and come in and say hi! We don’t bite… hard. 😉

Read the original CDHK post by ieathereor the most recent CDHK review by yours trulyhere.

Cafe de Hong Kong

586 Balestier Road #01-01 Eastpac Building Singapore 329898, Singapore
Opening hours:
11:30AM to 3:00PM
5:30PM to 12:00AM

Other info:
[email protected]

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