Ibrahim Mee Stall: Roti John that’s soft on the inside, crispy on the outside

With smart, liverpool1965, tamago and iwatch_ueat

Forget what the stall sign says about this being a mee stall. Go straight for the Roti John and you will, as William Hung said, have no regrets! The Roti John is the best one I have had for years. The secret is in the use of a really nice soft bun instead of the usual french loaf. The skin only turns crispy when they toast it in wok after they fry the side with the egg. What you get is a crispy rather then chewy crust and soft, melt in your mouth bread which has absorbed the flavours of the egg, margarine and spicy mutton. They also serve with with a killer sweet chilli sauce which they prepare themselves!! Until I taste the ex-Taman Serasi one recommended by smart, this is my current favourite Roti John in Singapore! 4.25/5

We were less impressed with the mee goreng however. It was good but not exceptional. 3/5


Go for the Roti John!

Ibrahim Mee Stall

Stall No 4 and 16 Adam Road Food Centre, Singapore 199583
Opening hours:
11:00AM to 4:00AM

Alternative Mondays

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