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Category: Fish Head Curry

Lam’s Garden: Chef Owner Zi Chars!

Yu Cun Curry Fish Head: A head above the rest

Hao Kee Seafood Deluxe: Toa Payoh Wok Master

Famous Treasure: Modern Nanyang Chinese Cuisine

Hong Yun Seafood: Seafood White Bee Hoon Dry!

Wangji Seafood Zi Char: Another one for the list

Crab at Bay: The Return of the Crab Bee Hoon

Kok Sen Restaurant: Solid Old School Zi Char!

Hau Chu Seafood (Chop Lian Hin): Old School Zi Char in Teban Gardens!

Sum Kee Food: It’s about the Sauce!

Hui Wei Chinese-Thai Cuisine: On the Cze Char Trail

Ocean Fish Head Curry: One Part Money, One Part Goods (一分钱,一分货)