Wok Inn Fish and Chips: Best Value for Money Fish and Chips in Town!

This Stall is Closed
Updated 16 Jun 2015

Fish and Chips $5.80

Let me give you the bottomline right at the top. This is the best Fish and Chips in town for under $6. Actually, it is one of the most enjoyable fish and chips I have eaten, Full Stop.

OK, granted that they don’t use Cod or Haddock and the chips come out of a packet, but when you have a craving for fish and chips and a few bucks in your pocket, this is the place to satisfy that need to feed.

Of course you might argue that there are lots of Hawker Western stalls around that serve fish and chips for around the same price, but there are are few things that make this one stand out. This stall uses the traditional British style batter which is a simple batter made from flour, water and baking powder. This gives the fish a crust that is thin and crispy while the fish steams in its own moisture its crispy caccoon. When eating fish and chips, I always look for the bits of uncooked batter in between the fish and the crust to gauge the skill of the chef. This moist and creamy batter, acts like a creamy sauce to contrast the crispy batter and is something that differentiates the really good fish and chips from the ordinary run of the mill ones. If you are after the really traditional fish and chips, then bottles of Malt Vinegar are avaialble for you to give your fish a good soury shower. They do sprinkle a bit of herbs over the fish which you might enjoy, but I would request that they omit that when I eat there again. 4.6/5

Stall owner Michael Molina is what we would call an accidental hawker. The 67 year old retiree was simply passing through Singapore when he decided to open a fish and chips shop. Born in Singapore, he left for the UK when he was in his teens and worked in a fish and chips shop for 9 years before becoming a London cabby. He then went over to Greece and started a Chinese restaurant called “Wok Inn”, a name which he now uses for the shop in Toa Payoh. When I asked him why he wanted to open a fish and chips shop, he simply said that he couldn’t find a good one in Singapore and wanted to serve Singaporean an authentic Fish and Chips at a price that everyone can enjoy.


Excellent Fish and Chips at an excellent price. What more can you ask for?

They do serve lots of other western food and I found out that the guy from Pasta Planet which used to be at Golden Mile FC is now serving his pastas here. So if you wish, you can order Fish and Pasta or Fish and Mash if you like.

Thanks to Sen for the video upload

Wok Inn Fish and Chips

PoMo, 1 Selegie Rd #01-20.
Singapore 188306
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Opening hours:

Lunch: 11:30 am to 2:30 am

Dinner: 5:30 am to 8:50 am





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Yes, I just updated the new address. Thanks for the feedback

Incorrect. It’s still there!

The map address link to Google map is not updated Leslie, it bring us to lorong 7 not block 206

Thanks for the feedback, I have updated it.


The place has closed

Thanks for the update!

Thanks for the update!

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