Eastern Treasure: Opens in Toa Payoh!

I wrote about Eastern Treasure back in 2019 when they first opened for business. The restaurant at Clarke Quay has just closed and the operations have relocated to Toa Payoh Central, opposite Courts. We recently organized a Mid Week Makan session there and are glad to report that the food is still very good! A place to consider next time you are organizing a Chinese banquet for the family!

Must Try Dishes

Crispy Eggplant with Salted Egg Yolk and Chicken Floss $13

We were amazed at how crispy the Chef managed to make the thinly sliced eggplant! Frankly, you can’t taste the eggplant itself but it provides an excellent vehicle to carry the flavor of the salted egg and chicken floss. No need to think too much about this one, just order! 4.5/5

Double Boiled Tonic soup with Crocodile Meat $96

I am usually ambivalent about tonic soups, but I must say their tonic crocodile soup is very well balanced; not too herby, but enough to make you feel that you are doing something good for your body. The collagen is thick and leaves your lips feeling slightly tacky. For the uninitiated, crocodile meat has the texture of a large garoupa but without its fishiness. It’s got plenty of collagen which is great for toning up your skin! 4.25/5

Braised Miso Shoyu with Lemongrass Pearl Garoupa $98

The garoupa braised in Miso Shoyu and lemongrass was a pleasant surprise for all of us. The flavour of the lemongrass was subtle but it gave the umami-rich miso sauce a hint of citrus which was very enjoyable. A dish that is unique to Eastern Treasure worth considering. 4.5/5

Can Try Dishes

Hanging Lettuce with Crispy Pork Belly $40

The crispy pork belly will surely elicit some excitement because of the rows of lettuce hanging over the dish like a guillotine. (Not that the lettuce is exciting in itself!) The pork was nicely marinated such that it was tender and juicy, but the marinade could be a little more punchy. Still, it’s a dish well worth some of your calories! 4/5

60 hr Dry Aged Duck $65 (Whole Duck)

I was disappointed with the dry-aged duck. The last time we had it, the duck was flavourful and tender. This time, it seemed to lack something. In case you are wondering, the ducks are marinated and left to hang in the aging fridge for 3 days before roasting. The three-day period should allow the marinade to fully penetrate the meat and the skin to dry out properly. But somehow it just didn’t wow us the way it did previously. The meat tasted a little bland and not as tender, though the skin was nice and crisp. 3.5/5

Wok Fried Chive Flowers Hakka Style (L) $38

The Hakka Style fried chive flowers were unexpectedly good! The addition of the fried baby squid and fried yam shreds for texture adds to the enjoyment of the dish as a whole! I was considering putting it under the “MUST TRY” category, but who’d believe that a vegetable dish could be there? 4.25/5

Chilled Coconut Jelly with mango puree and Ice Cream

The dessert of chilled coconut jelly with mango puree and ice cream was delectable and a very nice way to end the meal! 4.25/5

Try If You Must

East Treasure Chilli Crabs with Mantou $176

Their chili crabs were ok. There was a lot of sauce which was thick and starchy. It went well with the mantou but there was too much sauce and it didn’t quite capture the sweetness of the crab. 3.5/5


A good place to consider for your next meal with the family. Quality Cantonese Restaurant food in the heartlands.

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Fully agree that the duck was bland and dry. The seafood noodles were very oily. Overall would rate it a 3/5. Not a place that I would patronise again

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