Sushi Appreciation Workshop: Hokkaido Sushi

Registration is closed! Thanks for your support and interest!

After months of preparation, I am glad to announce that registration for our very first Sushi Appreciation Workshop is now opened!

If you have always felt a bit shy about sitting at the Sushi Counter, then this workshop is for you! After the workshop you will be able to:

1. Sit at the counter and order your sushi and not look like you are a Sushi newbie ripe for a killing.

2. Be able to converse with the itamae on which of the three different species of Bluefin Tuna he is serving and whether they come from sustainable stock.

3. Tell whether the Tai you have been served is wild Madai or some lesser Tai.

4. Describe the process of ikejime to the potential boyfriend/girlfriend and act as if it was something you knew all along.

5. Ask the waitress why you are paying so much for Shima Aji when it is obvious that you have been given the cheaper Hamachi.

We are also arranging to demonstrate the cutting of a whole block of Tuna so that you get to see where the Otoro, Chutoro, Akami and Shimafuri comes from!

Here is the list of Seafood we will be covering:
Akami dane: (Red Fish) Honmaguro, Chutoro, Akami, Bachi Maguro
Shiromi dane:(White Fish) Hamachi, Kampachi, Shima aji, Hirame, Tai
Hikari mono: (Silver skin fish) Aji, Nama shime Saba
Hokano mono: (Misc) Hotate, Hokkaido Aka Uni, Sake, Mekajiki, Tamago yaki
Nimono dane: (Braised items) Anago

There will be a slideshow showing the different fish and you will get to sample the different fish one at a time so that you can learn to discern the difference in taste and texture

Date: 28 May (Sat)
Time: 2.30pm
Venue: Hokkaido Sushi, M Hotel Level 9 (Anson Rd)
Price: $100 per pax
(Hokkaido Sushi has kindly offered to donate a portion of this to our Sandakan School Building Fund, which will be doubled through the dollar for dollar matching by MHCAsia)

To register, please write to [email protected]. In the Title write Sushi Workshop. In the body write: Name, Hp Number, Number of Pax

You can sign up to 4 pax.

If your place is confirmed, please make every effort to find your own replacement if you cannot make it to the session. Once we reserve your seat, we consider it sold. With your co-operation, we can continue to make this a simple process and not require you to pay in advance which will incur extra cost.

Our school building fund is supported by

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