Oumi – Kappo Dining in the Sky

Top: Chef Lamley Chua in his element, Below: the dining counter surrounds the open kitchen

Have you ever tried Kappo dining? It took me a while to experience it for the first time, but now I can’t get enough of it. If you enjoy sitting at the teppanyaki or sushi bar, watching your food being prepared, and interacting with the chef, you’ll love Kappo dining. The beauty of Kappo is that it encompasses a variety of cooking techniques, so you can enjoy not just handmade sushi but also dishes from the fryer, grill, hotplate, and steamer.

Short reel of our experience

Chef Lamley – the man for the job

To master such a wide repertoire of techniques, you need a chef with extensive training, and Chef Lemley Chua at Oumi is just the man for the job.

Chef Chua’s passion for cooking ignited at 15 when he witnessed captivating teppanyaki performances at Benihana. Inspired to become a chef, he skipped school at 16 to work at Shima, a renowned teppanyaki restaurant, without his parents’ knowledge. They soon found out and he dropped out of school to pursue a career in cooking.

Over the years, he gained extensive experience at Stellar at 1-Altitude, LP+Tetsu, and FLNT, mastering Japanese cooking techniques such as teppanyaki, robatayaki, sushi, and sashimi. His training also included French culinary techniques, which he has integrated with Japanese methods to create a unique fusion cuisine. Now, as the head chef at Oumi, Chua reinterprets Kappo cuisine with modern twists, offering both omakase and à la carte menus that showcase his diverse culinary expertise.

Oumi Kappo Dining Menu

Salad with vegetables from their own backyard

Oumi offers both Kappo style dining where you sit at the counter to enjoy a 7 course ($180++) or 9 course ($230++) Omakase or ala carte dining where you can enjoy your food at the dining table while enjoying the views of Marina Bay.

Our Kappo experience started with a salad made from freshly harvested vegetables from 1-Arden Food Forest, their urban farm on the 51st floor of CapitaSpring building. The garden is located just next to the restaurant, so I guess you can refer to it as their backyard!

Edible Garden on your plate

This farm, a collaboration between 1-Group and Edible Garden City, cultivates over 158 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and edible flowers, including fennel flowers, lemon balm, shiso leaves and flowers, ulam raja, roselle and cranberry hibiscus. Utilizing natural and organic farming methods, the farm integrates closely with local restaurants to promote a sustainable closed-loop system, where crops are used as ingredients and kitchen waste is recycled as fertilizer.


One of the highlights of our meal at Oumi was the produce that was harvested daily from their farm. The beautifully decorated Hassun was a feast for both the palate and the eyes, featuring a vibrant array of vegetables and herbs grown there. It was quite a journey of discovery as the chef introduced us to an array of exotic herbs and flowers used in their dishes. One particular epiphany was the lemon myrtle leaf, which has a flavor reminiscent of “Hacks” cough drops!

Modern Fusion

SHIMA AJI CRUDO Trevally, Shiso Infused Tomatoes, Flying Fish Roe, Sakura Ponzu

The sashimi dish exemplifies the modern fusion concept that Oumi aspires to, featuring Shiao-infused tomatoes and sakura ponzu, which offer a refreshing departure from the traditional shoyu and wasabi.

FOIE GRAS MONAKA Crisp Wafers, Foie Gras Ganache, Salmon Roe, Shiso, Pickled Daikon

The combination of creamy foie gras ganache and pickled daikon harvested from their garden, sandwiched between crisp wafers, is a winner. This dish contrasts various textures while harmonizing flavors, all brought together by the foie gras. Plus, it was a rather pretty dish that you can’t help but admire!

LOBSTER CHAWANMUSHI Spiny Lobster, Egg Custard, Grilled Japanese White Corn

Ever wondered what happens when you marry lobster bisque with chawanmushi? I am sure you can imagine what it would taste like! Add some incredibly sweet Hokkaido corn, and you have a dish you’ll want to return for.

Sawara, Otoro, Salmon Belly

Next up is the sushi course. We were served three pieces, with the standout being the otoro which was smoked over hay in a donabe behind the counter! The aburi salmon belly with miso-marinated foie gras was also delectable.

CHARGRILLED WAGYU SHORT RIB Garlic Miso, Grilled Lotus Root, Charred Broccolini, House-Grown Lemon Myrtle, Shoyu Reduction

The wagyu short ribs were sous-vide at 60°C for 12 hours, then expertly char-grilled to perfection. The result was an exquisite texture that was both bouncy and slightly chewy, creating a delightful mouthfeel that is typical of Japanese wagyu.

MATCHA OSHIRUKO Matcha Konnyaku, Yuzu Crumble, Azuki Ice Cream

For dessert, we enjoyed house-made red bean ice cream paired with matcha konnyaku and a yuzu crumble. It is a familiar flavor combination for sure, but still a delightful way to conclude a lovely meal.


If you enjoy watching your meals being crafted, chatting with chefs, and discovering new ingredients, Oumi Kappo will surely delight you! Their unique urban garden, brimming with exotic edible plants they grow and harvest, truly sets them apart. With Chef Lemley’s culinary magic, these eclectic ingredients are transformed into works of edible art!

Disclosure: This was a Media Tasting. The meal was hosted, but all opinions expressed are entirely our own.

OUMI Modern Japanese Kappo Restaurant

88 Market St, #51-01, CapitaSprings
Singapore 048948
View Map

Opening hours:

Lunch: 11:30 am to 2:30 pm

Dinner: 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm





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