Chao Niu: Chinese Beef Speciality Restaurant now in the West Coast!

New Branch at the West Coast!

Chao Niu is a restaurant we’ve been visiting regularly since we featured them in 2020 when they first opened at East Coast. They moved to Duo Galleria in 2022 and recently opened a second branch at West Coast Plaza. Although we often write about new eateries, there are only a handful restaurants that we actually return to regularly. And Chao Niu is one of them. Their offerings are unique, and the quality is always impeccable.

With the opening, we worked out a special $88++ ieatishootipost set (2-3 pax) that is exclusive to the West Coast Plaza outlet and valid until 30 Aug 2024.

Dedication to Quality Produce

Hotpot culture continues to thrive in Singapore, offering a plethora of options to choose from. However, specialty Teochew Beef Hotpot restaurants are still uncommon. What sets Chao Niu apart is its commitment to quality ingredients and regular introduction of new dishes with ingredients sourced from China.

We have known the owner, Ah Le, for many years. We are always impressed by his dedication to providing a unique dining experience. His passion is evident in the handcrafted hotpots specially procured from China and the quality of the restaurant’s furnishings. This same dedication extends to their sourcing of ingredients. Everytime we visit the restaurant, he always seems to have something new to introduce to us!

Top: Peanut Sprouts 花生芽 $5++, Cured Meat Sausage 腊味小香肠 $8++
Bottom: Fresh Tribute 贡菜 $6++, Chinese Yam 山药 $5++ and different beef cuts.

As a specialty beef hotpot restaurant, Chao Niu emphasizes the appreciation of different textures and flavours of various cuts of beef. Great care is taken in sourcing these cuts from the best suppliers worldwide. Unlike in Chao Shan, all cuts typically come from the same animal and is served fresh on the day of slaughter.

Meatballs $9++

This focus on freshness is a hallmark of Teochew culture and it is particularly palpable in Chaoshan itself. Since this isn’t possible in Singapore, Ah Le sources beef cuts globally to ensure the best in terms of flavor and texture. They always serve chilled beef and only very special cuts like beef tongue is frozen.

Typical way of having Teochew Beef Hotpot is to cook the entire plate of meat in a net.

They also offer a variety of vegetables and noodles specially sourced from China. With the opening of their new West Coast branch, they’ve introduced peanut sprouts and sea asparagus, adding a unique twist to the hotpot experience.

Exciting New Beef Dishes

Flaming Beef Marrow 火焰骨髓 $16++

Although hotpot remains the main attraction, the restaurant has continually developed other beef dishes using their abundant beef trimmings. Over the years, the menu has expanded so much that they can now be considered a Chinese beef specialty restaurant! We’ve previously written about their Beef Pancake and Guotie, which remain must-order dishes, but there are a few new dishes to highlight.

The most impressive new dish is their Flaming Beef Bone Marrow. While bone marrow has long been a popular starter in many steakhouses, this is the first time we’ve had it Chinese style, sprinkled with Chinese BBQ seasoning and flambéed at your table. The flaming brandy treatment not only provides a visual spectacle but also helps to eliminate some of the strong beefy odor.

BBQ Beef Cheek 烤牛脸颊 $15++ (5 sticks), BBQ Lamb Steak 碳烤羊排 $16++

Their BBQ skewers are very popular and for good reason. The quality of the beef is excellent. Sure, these are beef trimmings after they’ve meticulously sectioned the prime cuts for the hotpot, so the quality is top-notch. Aside from beef skewers they also serve lamb chops which make for a quick lunch.

Spicy Shredded Beef 手撕牛肉 $8++, Braised Beef Tongue 卤牛舌 $9++

Other new dishes to highlight include the stir-fried shredded beef with dried chilies and the slow-cooked braised beef tongue. Both are excellent and worth trying. Lisa was particularly surprised by the beef tongue as it’s a cut she usually avoids. However, this tongue was tender and well-braised, with no offal flavour. And she was quite ok with it!

Special $88++ ieatishootipost set

Good for 2-3 pax, valid until 30 Aug 2024 and exclusive to West Coast Plaza outlet.

The set which works out to be a 33% discount from the ala carte menu, has all our favourite dishes and some new ones too. To order, simply show them the video or this post. The set includes:

  • Spicy and Beef Broth
  • Beef Cuts: Neck, Blade, Shank
  • Meatballs
  • Peanut sprouts
  • Cured Meat Sausage
  • Chinese Yam
  • Beef Pancake
  • Chaozhou Vermicelli (Lai Fen)
  • Vegetable platter
  • 2 Signature Sauces and 2 Shacha Sauces

Add on: $8++ for a Flaming Bone Marrow (UP $16++, one per set)

Short reel of our visit

Family sized Tables at the new outlet

The new restaurant at West Coast boasts family tables that can seat up to 8 as well as a private room. Perfect for gatherings! They currently have special offers for university and polytechnic students, who can enjoy a 28% discount off the à la carte menu on Mon – Thurs. SAF personnel receive an 18% discount.

Lifetime Membership Program

For everyone else, you can join their VIP program and earn lifetime discounts of up to 25% for being a super regular. The discount level is dependent on your total lifetime spending, since when they first started at East Coast!

Tier 1 – New member. Spend $500 and level up to tier 2.
Tier 2 – Enjoy 5% off. Spend another $500 to tier 3
Tier 3 – enjoy 10% off. Spend another $1000 to tier 4
Tier 4 – enjoy 15% off. Spend another $2000 to tier Tier 5.
Tier 5 – enjoy 20% off. Spend another $4000 to tier 6.
Tier 6 – enjoy 25% off. Highest tier.

Disclosure: We were only invited to create a reel of our experience but we liked the food so much, we decided it deserves a writeup too.

Chaoniu Beef Hot Pot

154 West Coast Road, #01-02, West Coast Plaza
Singapore 127371
View Map

Opening hours:

Daily Lunch: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Daily Dinner: 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm



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