Year-end Gatherings with Citi Gourmet Pleasures – Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar, Crossroads Buffet, Rempapa, Paradise Teochew

Crossroads Buffet: Seafood on Ice, Rempapa: Baca Assam, Paradise Teochew: Teochew Style Chilled Yellow Roe Crab, Ka-EN Grill and Sushi Bar: DIY Premium Wagyu Sumi Yaki set

The magical time of the year is upon us again, and it’s that time when we can finally slow down and enjoy the festive season. As the year draws to a close, it’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with old friends, exchange stories, and celebrate the bonds that make life so special. And what could be more enticing than bringing everyone together over a sumptuous meal, made all the more attractive with the exclusive Citi Gourmet Pleasures special offers?

In this food trail, we bring you to four different restaurants where you can surely find something for everyone!

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Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar

Top: Ka-EN Otsumami Trio with Sake Flight, 10 Kinds of Nigiri Sushi, Signature Meat Platter
Bottom: Miyazaki Beef Shabu Shabu, DIY Premium Wagyu Sumi Yaki Set

We were pleasantly surprised by our discovery of Ka-EN Grill and Sushi Bar. The restaurant is another concept by the same people who brought us Aburi-EN, and conceptually, it is like the more formal version of Aburi-EN. Donburi is still a part of the menu, but at Ka-EN, you can also order Sushi, Shabu Shabu, Sumiyaki, and Sukiyaki. This mid-range Japanese restaurant serves A4-A5 Miyazaki Wagyu and Kagoshima pork at attractive prices.

Japanese cuisine has matured over the years in Singapore, and our local Japanese chefs have moved beyond traditional Japanese cuisine, adapting the dishes to our preferences. A good example is their Sushi Platter (10 kinds of Nigiri Sushi), featuring interesting combinations like anago with foie gras. Sushi purists might balk at such unorthodox creations, but it works for locals who are accustomed to bold flavors. Quality of the meat is key to dishes like Shabu Shabu and Sumiyaki. At Ka-EN, the quality meats are presented very nicely and served in a comfortable environment.

They have a wide selection of sakes by the bottle, sake flights and house pours. A good starting point would be to order their Ka-EN Otsumami Trio with Sake Flight, which includes three delectable roe appetizers accompanied by three distinct full-bodied sakes.

If you are planning a gathering for about 18 pax, they have a private room on the 2nd level where we did our filming which is perfect for a gathering! Do note that the Sumiyaki on a charcoal grill is served in the Al Fresco area located outside of the Arcade. Otherwise, it will be served on a hot plate.

Citi Gourmet Pleasures Offer:

  • Comp. Truffle Fries (worth $8) with min $70 spend
  • Citi Prestige & Citi ULTIMA Cardmembers: Up to 15% off total bill
    • 15% off with min. spend of $200
    • 10% off with min. spend of $100

Valid until 30 Dec 2023

Find out more about the offer here (Truffle Fries) & here (Citi Prestige & Citi ULTIMA)

Ka-EN Grill and Sushi Bar
15 Stamford Rd, #01-82 Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski, Singapore 178906

Crossroads Buffet at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Situated at the heart of bustling Orchard Road, Crossroads Buffet located at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel offers an exciting International buffet spread brimming with an array of comforting and hearty gourmet delights.

Step behind the glass panels and you will find their extensive buffet spread with over eight distinct stations, including seafood on ice, a meat carving station, Asian roasted meats, a selection of hot dishes from both Asian and Western cuisines, and not forgetting the dessert and salad stations.

A standout feature for dinner is the Fisherman’s Pot station. Here is where you can personally select cold seafood and have it expertly prepared in various sauces like a classic seafood boil.

Chef preparing a classic seafood boil at the Fisherman’s Pot, Seafood on ice , Charcuterie & Sushi spread, Asian Hot Line and the comfortable dining area

Laksa is a popular signature dish at most Singaporean hotel buffets. We have been to quite a few establishments and they all claim to have a treasured, legacy recipe that has been passed down from previous chefs. Crossroads Buffet’s laksa is creamy and its umami-rich gravy will certainly leave your overseas guests with a deep impression of this iconic Singaporean dish.

The cold seafood and Fisherman’s Pot stations, showcasing Boston lobsters and snow crab legs, were also highlights of our visit. As with all buffets, the spread changes based on the day of the week and season. So, check out their latest menu here.

Citi Gourmet Pleasures Offer: 20% off total food bill 
Valid until 30 Dec 2023

Find out more about the offer here.

Crossroads Buffet
320 Orchard Rd, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore 238865

Rempapa – the Real Singaporean Restaurant

Top row: Babi Pongteh $30, Kedondong Salad $18, Hakka Fried Pork $20
Bottom clockwise: Damian’s Curry $36, Baca Assam (Beef Cheek) $35, Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves $16

Any connoisseur of local cuisine would have visited Rempapa by now. The restaurant is helmed by Masterchef Judge Damian D’silva and features an eclectic mix of Malay, Indian, Peranakan, Eurasian, and Chinese cuisines. Rempapa is where you’ll find an amazing selection of local dishes, some of which have been rescued from the brink of extinction. We have written about some of Chef Damian’s dishes in the past, but every time we visit, he still never fails to thrill us with something new from our rich culinary heritage!

This time round, we got to try the Baca Assam which is beef cheek that has been slow braised in a tangy tamarind sauce till it is meltingly fork tender. We also enjoyed the kedondong and wing bean salad which was a refreshing crisp, cold, sweet, sour, crunchy salad that showcases the knife skills of the kitchen staff. All the dishes were excellent and made with the same passion your grandpapa would for an honored guest. At Rempapa, you can expect only the best quality fresh meats (never frozen), meticulously sliced herbs, and elaborate house-made rempahs.

Top left: Assorted Kueh (4 pcs $7, 8 pcs $12), Kueh Bengkah 4pcs, $12, Kueh Kosui $14

Save some space for dessert, as it never fails to end an already delightful meal on an even higher note. We savored the mini deep-fried Ang Gu Kueh, the exquisite Kueh Kosui, and a delightful assortment of other delectable heritage desserts!

The restaurant, located at Paya Lebar Quarters (PLQ) is casual and modern with both indoor and outdoor seating. Rempapa is where locals find a taste of nostalgia, and visitors get a genuine introduction to the diverse and flavorful world of Singaporean cuisine!

Citi Gourmet Pleasures Offer:
15% off min spend $150, valid until 31 Dec 2023
Find out more about the offer here.

2 Paya Lebar Rd, #01-01/02/03
Park Place Residences at PLQ, Singapore 409053
WhatsApp +65 9459 1603, Email [email protected]

Paradise Teochew

Top left clockwise: Paradise Teochew Stir-fried Assorted Vegetable, Teochew Style Crispy Sweet and Sour Noodle, Steamed Glutinous Rice Roll in Teochew Style, Diced Seafood wrapped with Egg White Crepe in Lobster Broth
Middle: Teochew Style Chilled Yellow Roe Crab

We featured Paradise Teochew when they opened in 2021 and have consistently been impressed by their Teochew dishes. This time around, we had the opportunity to try their Teochew Style Chilled Yellow Roe Crabs. It’s a seemingly simple dish where double-shell crabs, brimming with tomalley (similar to foie gras), are steamed and then chilled to firm up the luscious crab butter.

Additionally, we sampled their Crispy Sweet and Sour Noodles which were introduced to us as a classic Teochew delicacy. It was interesting, but I must admit that I didn’t come across them during my childhood, even though I grew up in a pure Teochew family.

Their Seafood dumpling, containing finely diced prawns, jicama, and mushrooms encased in an egg white crepe and served in lobster broth, was also expertly prepared. While we anticipated the soup to have a lobster bisque flavor, it leaned more towards a Chinese-style soup with a subtle crustacean essence.

The main dining area offers both booth and round table seating overlooking the beautiful greenery along Orchard Turn. They also have private rooms if you prefer a private gathering.

Citi Gourmet Pleasures Offer:
Receive $10 return voucher with any spend.
Valid until 31 Dec 2023

Find out more about the offer here.

Paradise Teochew at Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square #03-04, Singapore 228209

Paradise Teochew at Takashimaya
391A Orchard Rd, Takashimaya S.C. Ngee Ann City #03-10
(below Kinokuniya), Singapore 238873


Hope we’ve given you enough ideas of where you can go to organize your year-end gatherings! And remember to check out all the other Citi Gourmet Pleasures dining offers with your Citi Cards! If you are a Citi Cash Back Cardmember, you can enjoy 6% cash back* on all your dining too.

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Happy eating and Happy Holidays!

This post is written in partnership with Citi Gourmet Pleasures

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