Sri Kamala Vilas

After my last blog on Sri Vijaya’s Thosai, the MakanGurus at the forum suggested that I also try Sri Kamala Vilas which served, in their opinion, even better Thosais plus they also served a pretty mean Chicken Masala.

Phwa, with a recommendation like that, I rushed down to Sri Kamala’s Vilas faster than a guy needing to pee after being stuck in a really cold lecture theatre for 3 hours!

So, how does it compare? Well, the thosai masala is a little different. The curry and the white and red coconut sides are definitely better then Sri Vijayas. I never really appreciated the two coconut side dishes until now. Here it just tastes really fresh and has that extra kick in it. The curry here is also more shiok.

BUT, I prefer the pototo filling and the thosai over the other side. Don’t get me wrong, the Thosai Masala here is fantastic and mom loved it. She, like the other makangurus preferred this version. For me, I liked the crispiness of the Thosai as well as the less mushy potato filling over at Sri Vijayas. 4/5

However, the Chicken Masala here is a die-die-must-try! It is as famous as it is shiok. Though it looks fiery, it is maybe 7/10 only the spicy scale, so I can still handle it. Tastewise, everyone loved it and you can see this dish on almost every table there.


Curry wise, you will be able to get meat curries over here and the curries are really good. For just Thosai Masala, I still prefer Sri Vijaya’s but that’s just me. The Teh Tarik over the at Sri Vijaya is still better as it is done the traditional way. Over here, the tea has already been premixed and comes out of one of those dispensers. Both places have their own strengths and weaknesses, so I guess you have to try both places and decide for yourself!

8.25/10 (T3.5+V3+S1+E0.75)

PS: This place is reputed to be TianTianChi’s (another MakanGuru) favourite curry place, as well as the Grand MakanGuru’s (eslim) place for Thosai.

Sri Kamala Vilas Resaurant

Block 662, Buffalo Road (Tekka Market) #01-16
Singapore 210662

Opening hours:

10:00 AM to 9:30 PM

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