Katong Chicken Curry Puff: Stuff I ate when I was a kid!

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Good old Curry Puff: $1

I am glad that somethings never change. This shop has been here for 30 years and they are still doing the same thing. This is the kind of curry puff I grew up eating when I was a kid. I remember that the best part of the curry puff was when you get to that single piece of chicken meat and the piece of egg. It’s like a treasure hunt.

Of course, this type of curry puff is the Chinese interpretation of the Malay interpretation of the Indian interpretation of an English food. The Indian curry puff is the triangular pastry which the Indians made for their colonial masters back in the days of the British Empire. Then they brought it over to Singapore and the Malays took on the idea of a pastry filled with curry. But they change the shape of the Curry Puff to resemble the Crescent Moon, the religious symbol of Islam. Then of course the Chinese (probably the Hainanese) also want to get into the action, so you have the chinese version of the curry puff with a pastry that is more buttery.

This is one of smart’s favourite Curry Puffs which he has eaten for the last 30 years. He still swears by it. According to this uncle, the Curry Puff at East Coast Lagoon Food Village was an offshoot of this stall. Little wonder that they both still use an old bottle as a rolling pin.

The filling is nice and moist and not overly spicy and the crust is nice and crisp but not too buttery. Great as an afternoon snack! 4/5


Another “traditional” chinese style curry puff to add to my curry puff list!

Recommended by smart

Katong Chicken Curry Puff

Marine Parade Food Centre #01-132

Opening hours:

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM



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