Hainan Hokkien Mee: Takes a Hainanese to fry Hokkien Mee

With iwatch_ueat and damien

I have made a most momentous decision of my life! I finally decided that Hokkien Mee MUST be fried with thin Bee Hoon and it MUST be dry. Some of you might be wondering how this little revelation can be so momentous. But for me, it was like the words of the World’s most famous Hymn, Amazing Grace: I was blind, but now I see.

Revelation is like that. You go through life not knowing what you do not know. Then something happens and suddenly it was as if someone turned just turned on the lights and you realize what the fuss is all about. Know what I mean?

This is one superb Hokkien Mee. It is unlike a lot of Hokkien Mee nowadays which are prepared more like a pasta where the stock simply added at the end and served really wet. This one was fried until all that wonderful stock has been completely absorbed into the noodles and beehoon AND sealed. Every mouthful was such a delight that it really is a plate of Hokkien Mee that I slowly savored every mouthful. 4.6/5

Now the weird twist at the end is this. How come one of the best plates Hokkien Mee in Singapore comes from a stall that calls itself “Hainan” Hokkien Mee? Surely the owner is not making the statement that it takes a Hainanese man to show the Hokkien how to fry Hokkien Mee properly right?


Stands out as one of the best plate of Hokkien Mee I have tasted. Only letdown was the chilli which was not quite fragrant enough and you get a really small portion for $3.

24 Nov 2020 Update (by Lisa)

Hainan Hokkien Mee man

The standard plate is now $4 and the flavours are still good.  They are still using the same melamine plates and pink chopsticks.  Those cutlery sure are durable.

13 years on and it’s good to see that the Hokkien mee scene remains vibrant with new entrants like Xiao Di and Tang Tang Hokkien Mee while old guards like Hainan Hokkien Mee and Nam Sing Hokkien Mee continue to fry one of Singapore’s favourite hawker dish.  Click here to read about the others too.

Note that Golden Mile Food Centre will be undergoing some renovation works from 1 Dec 2020 to 28 Feb 2021.

Hainan Hokkien Mee

No 34 Golden Mile Food Centre

Opening hours:

11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

to 9:00 PM





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Just went to buy a $4 plate. The elderly woman assisting the cook refused to give me an extra pair of chopsticks. Got scolded when I asked another time. Also a very old man was scolded when he asked if the plate was meant for him. Leslie, food maybe good but not worth it for the arrogance displayed.

Unfortunate that you had a bad experience! I am sure she has her reasons for not giving you an extra pair of chopsticks. Next time I see her I will ask.

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