Allaudin’s Briyani: Briyani Nice

Shown here with fried chicken instead of the usual curry chicken

There were 3 rows of Indian/Malay Muslim stalls, and each row having at least 3 stalls selling Briyani. Yet only this stall had a long queue. Ohhh, I am excited, the Briyani must be as good many people claimed it to be. But alas, is was not as awesome as I expected. Unlike the popular version of Briyani, this one was monochrome. Not that one can differentiate different tastes from the different colours. I always thought the different colours of the briyani rice was more for presentation only, but I could be wrong. The rice here was a little overcooked such that some of the grains were mushy and broken. I expect a first class briyani to have beautifully long and slender Basmati rice with each grain individually spiced and firm to the bite. Otherwise the taste of the Briyani was excellent and the Dhalchat and Chicken Curry really complemented the rice well. The Dhalchat was a little on the sweet side which agrees very well with me.


Their fame is undisputed, having been in business for over 40 years. Many who have grown up eating it would fiercely defend it. It was delicious tastewise but I feel the texture could be better. $3.50 4/5

Allauddin’s Briyani

665 Buffalo Road #01-297 Tekka Centre

Opening hours:

8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Other Info

Dum Briyani is served in the mornings

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