Simplified Croque Monsieur Recipe

If you like a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, then you are going to love the French version of this dish!  The big difference is the addition of a cheese sauce (mornay sauce) which gives the sandwich that touch of class!

The traditional way of making the sauce is to cook the butter and flour first before adding milk and then stirring to make the bechemel sauce.  This step can be a little challenging for those who don’t cook.  I use an easier method where I start with cooking cream first and then adding the cheese and cornflour.  It is more forgiving and easier to do. Once you have made the sauce, the rest is pretty straightforward!

Here’s the recipe for the cheese sauce.

Cooking Cream 1 cup
Grated cheese 1 cup
Cornflour 2 Tbsp

Bring the cream to a gentle simmer. Add cornflour to cheese and mix well.  Add the cheese to the cream and stir till it is smooth.  If it is too thick, add a little milk and adjust.  Season with salt and nutmeg

To assemble, spread the cheese sauce on a slice of bread, then add ham and a slice of cheese.  Top with anothe slice of bread.  Spread the sauce on top and sprinkle grated cheese and bake in a 180C oven for 10-15 mins till the cheese turns golden brown.

Gruyere cheese is traditionally used for this recipe.  If you can get hold of some, use it in place of cheddar!

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