Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak: At Last! A Nasi Lemak with Good Rice!

At last!!! A Nasi Lemak that is really shiok! This Nasi Lemak is so Shiok that I was told the Sultan of Brunei Tar Paus it back to the Embassy when he comes to visit Singapore! (Why doesn’t he just buy over the stall and set it up at the embassy? He got Michael Jackson to come sing him Happy Birthday didn’t he?)

Check out the rice in this place. This is the first time I am eating Nasi Lemak made with Basmati Rice! The Basmati Rice gives it a lighter texture, better flavour and the grains are beautifully separated. It is better for Diabetics too since it has got a lower glycaemic index (it does not cause the sugar levels to raise as quickly as jasmine rice). The Sambal Tumis is equally shiok and you should not miss the Sambal Cuttlefish which they offer as an optional side dish. Conclusion Currently the best Nasi Lemak I have tasted so far! (Halal version) 4.5/5

Selera Rasa

No 2 Adam Road Food Centre, Singapore 289876
Opening hours:
7:00AM to 10:00PM


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