Ieat flaps a prata: Trailer

Those readers who have been following me on the facebook and the forum would know that I spent quite a lot of time over the last month doing research on how to make Roti Prata. The recipe has been finalized and I have finished shooting the slideshow and the video. I will be publishing my treatise on Roti Prata next week and the post will give you all the details on how to make your Roti Prata at home including step by step instructions on how to flap the Prata. This is the third in my series on local recipes which include my Pandan Cake Recipe and Tau Huay recipes! The post will contain all the information you need to successfully make Roti Prata at home, so look out for it!

This is a video I shot myself, the one next week was shot by Soundman and will be of much better quality!

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