Hong Kong Porridge: No You Tiao Never Mind

What is the difference between Singapore Porridge and Hong Kong Porridge? You Tiao. You get no You Tiao in Hong Kong Porridge but instead you get these bits of deep fried crispy Bee Hoon which is really only for Pai Sui (For show only) cos a few measly sprinkling of bee hoon hardly does anything for the porridge. That aside, I was actually quite happy eating the porridge here. I was first attracted to the stall because of the brown rice porridge that they served and the stall vendor was happy enough to let me try a spoonful of the brown rice porridge. Ok, its healthy stuff, but I was not so health conscious that day, so I opted for their normal porridge. I was pleasantly surprised by the savoury smooth porridge. Ok, it may not be as great as Zhen Zhen in Maxwell Road FC, but somehow I was quite pleased with the taste. I also really enjoyed the wonderfully marinated pork slices which were tasty and quite addictive. Quite a satisfying bowl of porridge! 4/5


Its doesn’t have the ooomph or wow factor, but it was certainly endearing.

Hongkong Porridge

Bedok Interchange Food Centre, Singapore
Opening hours:
7:00AM to 11:00PM

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