D’Pastry: Durian Puffs at Wholesale Prices

Durian Puffs, $3.50 for 6

Ever wonder where the restaurant owners go to buy their food at wholesale prices? Well, one area is along Ubi Ave 2. Here, you can see all sorts of products which are sold to the retailers with shops in the more attractive parts of town. Along this stretch, you can find a few Roast Duck/Pork stalls which sell a whole Roast Duck for $15. Along the same stretch is also this unassuming little pastry restaurant that sells probably the cheapest Durian Puffs in town. At $3.50 for 6 durian puffs that you have to take a few bites to finish, they might be cheap, but they are certainly no less tasty .The choux pastry was a little dry and could be more tender but this was made up for by the excellent and rather generous dollop of D24 durian cream filling. 4/5

Durian Crepe $1.80 each

The other item I would recommend is the Durian Crepe. This is same D24 durian filling with a sponge finger wrapped in a thin crepe. Again the filling is excellent but the crepe was a bit dry. I am wondering if the dryness of the pastry could be due to it being left in the fridge. I think it should taste better when it was just freshly made. 4/5


If you are sourcing stuff for a party or gathering, you might like to take a trip down to Ubi Ave 2 and see what you can pick up.


Blk 3020 Ubi Ave 2 #01-121 Singapore 408896, Singapore
Opening hours:
8:00AM to 6:00PM

alt Sundays

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