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Category: 9 ABC Food Centre

Zheng Ling Char Kway Teow: There is hope for Char Kway Teow!

12 Stones Noodle House: 黎三元 Loy Sum Jung’s famous invention: Har Cheong Gai

Jin Jin Dessert: Gula Melaka as thick as hot fudge!

Fatty Cheong’s Char Siew: To get good Charsiew, you need to know a little pig anatomy!

Wow Wow West: Fills the Stomach, Warms the Heart

Hong Kong Wanton Mee: The Anderson JC Alumni Pilgrimage

Bao Zai: Char Siew Bao you gotta try ABC Food Centre Part 4 of 4

Yong Kee Fish Ball Noodle: Fishball at 2am anyone? ABC Food Centre Part 3 of 4

Fatty Cheong’s CharSiew: Power Char Siew! ABC Food Centre Part 2 of 4

Yi Sheng Hokkien Mee: ABC Food Centre Part 1 of 4