Yang Sheng Vegetarian Hub: Save a few prawns once in a while

I was walking along the row of shophouses on Macpherson Road looking for this shop which my friend brought me to once, that sold this really yummy DEEP FRIED BELLY PORK but to my surprise the shop is now under new ownership! My Coronary Clogging Saturated Fats Restaurant had repented of its sins and turned Vegetarian! Pasted on the walls were pictures of famous (B grade – cos I don’t know them) people posing for pictures with the boss of the stall. What clinched the deal for me was a picture of our President Nathan winking and giving a thumbs up!! Majulah Singapura! Who am I to argue with the President of Singapore! The first dish was the Cereal “Prawns” which was quite good. The cereal was deep fried to perfection and the spices were done just right. The “Prawn” was good, and tasted like a nice seafood roll. Great thing was that you don’t have to peel off the shells. I felt really proud that because of my selfless deed, 10 prawns were spared a gruesome death that day! 4/5

The next animal that we spared was the Pig. The Sweet and Sour Pork was good. The sauce was quite standard. But instead of the usual bit of meat coated with a thick batter, the “pork” did not come with a thick layer of flour. The “meat” had a chewy, fibrous texture and was quite tasty. OK lah, I guess I wouldn’t mind eating this as a replacement for sweet and sour pork knowing that there is no cholesterol in the dish and poor Miss Piggy was spared! 3.75/5

The “Cod Fish” was a bit of a dissappointment. The fish tasted like a good fish cake but the texture was no way like Cod. The sauce was alright though. I guess if you don’t call it “Cod”, it might have been alright. Tasted like a good tofu fish cake drenched in thick soy sauce. 3/5

Want to go healthy? Might as well go all the way and opt for the unpolished brown rice as well hor! Conclusion The vegetarian foods that I have taken so far have been from those found in food courts. I must say that this is much better then those hawker ones because the hawker ones mostly use gluten in their mock meats. The “meats” here can be differentiated. The cooking is pretty good and the sauces were nice. I wouldn’t mind eating here again when I feel the need to lower my cholesterol intake. Please note that cholesterol can only be found in animal products and there are no cholesterol in a vegetarian diet. However, that does not mean it is necessarily low in fat. Most of the food is deep fried, so depending on the type of oil they use, you may still be getting Trans Fats which is as bad as Saturated Fats found in animal fats. 7.75/10 (T2.75+V2+S2+E1)

Yang Sheng Vegetarian Hub

532, Macpherson Road

Opening hours:

9:00 AM to 9:00 PM



Other Info

Bus 90, 62, 8, 151

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