The ieat Pizza Making Class featuring the SMEG Pizza Oven!

Thanks to everyone who came for our Pizza making class! We sure had a lot of fun!

This pizza class came about because of our (Damien and I) discovery of the SMEG Pizza oven. We have been experimenting with making our own Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN) pizzas for the last 3 years and the limiting factor has always been the oven. We don’t have access to a wood fired oven which can heat up to 500 degrees Celsius, so we had to make do with our home ovens.

With the home oven, the temperature is usually 250 degrees Celsius max and we used to have to bake on a pizza stone which took 1 hour to heat up. Then when you start baking the pizzas it loses heat so we often have to wait a while between pizzas for the stone to heat up again. Even then, it didn’t achieve the kind of charring we wanted at the bottom of the pizzas.

Things got better when we discovered the G3 Ferrari portable pizza ovens. They were cheap and portable, had a stone base and could heat up to 350 degrees Celsius. After the kakis came over for a pizza party, they all went off to buy one (some two) and everyone had lots of fun baking pizzas in their own homes. Although the G3 Ferrari was good, it was far from perfect. The temperature was hard to control and you couldn’t slide the pizza onto the stone with a pizza peel which is a huge part of the fun. So my pizza making adventures took a bit of a sabbatical.

Then recently we discovered the SMEG pizza ovens. These ovens were purposed built with a pizza stone at the bottom of the oven which heated the stone up to 280 degrees Celcius within 10 mins. Damien and I tried making some pizzas with the oven at the showroom and they were excellent! The pizzas were cooked in 4 mins and the crust was charred the way we liked it. Best of all, the heat was constant, so we could bake the pizzas one after the other in the oven and each one took exactly 4 mins to bake!

And so that was how we decided to hold pizza making session. Know you know!

If you are in the market for a Pizza Oven, we highly recommend the SMEG Pizza Oven! You can view the oven at:

APS Lifestyle Gallery
9 Muthuraman Chetty Road,
APS Building, Level 1 & 2
Singapore 238931
Tel: 65 62330593

This event was sponsored by APS Lifestyle Gallery

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