The ieat Beef Appreciation II: Now Bigger and Juicier!

Thanks for the overwhelming support! Registration is closed!

OK, a lot of kakis have been asking me to organize another beef appreciation session because they couldn’t get in on the last one. So here it is! The Registration for the ieat Beef Appreciation Session II is now opened!

This session will be conducted by Ernst Huber, the Chairman of Huber’s Butchery. Ernst Huber has worked both as a Butcher as well as Executive chef at some of the top restaurants in Singapore, so its going to be great to have someone of such experience to be our instructor.The session will be conducted in two parts. The first part will deal with the beef itself. How to handle the meat, how the cattle is butchered to give the different cuts and so on. The second part with deal with how to properly cook the beef so that it is charred on the outside and beautifully medium rare (or medium) in the inside. Oh, and of course we will get to taste different types of beef and Huber’s has assured me that they are going to bring the whole cow so that you all get so much beef that you will want to eat only veggies for the next few days!

The session is going to be held at the ToTT cooking studio which is part of the new kitchen superstore. So you all get to shop for your kitchen gadgets after the class. I have arranged for all participants to get a VIP card when you register for the class. (Normally only given with minimum $300 spend). The card will give you a 10% cash rebate on your purchases. If you love to cook, you are going to go crazy at the ToTT superstore. They even have a cookie kitchen where your kids can make their own cookies and bake them on the spot! So it is going to be a great day out for the whole family.

Here are the details:

Date: 13 November 2010
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue: ToTT, 896 Dunearn Road (BMW showroom)
Cost: $70

Here are some of the different beef that we are sampling.

Organic Beef
USDA Prime
Australian 200+ day grain fed Angus Beef
Australian Wagyu

Click this link to register. The password is ieaticook

The session is sponsored by ToTT and Huber’s Butchery. All proceeds will be donated to the ieat Community Project to provide education for the kids of Sandakan. Please do me a favour and visit our sponsor’s link. A good response will mean more of such sessions in the future! ; )

Our Sponsors

596 Dunean Road (BMW Showroom)
Singapore 589472

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Huber’s Butchery

122 Upper Bukit Timah Road Singapore 588175

Opening hours:
Other Info

18A Dempsey Road Singapore 249677

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