Roots and Wings Project: Needs for this year

It is heartening to see the joyful faces of the kids in our Root n Wings project again.  It’s been just over a year since they moved into their new premises and things have really settled down.  You would have recalled that when we first met them in 2015, the kids were still living in a makeshift shophouse with a single toilet and nothing in the fridge! Since then, the Project Huios team has done a great job in helping to build their new orphanage.  Now there are ample toilets for the kids so that they won’t have to wake up extra early just to use the WC!   The fridge at the new place is also fully stocked and the kitchen kept in good order with adequate utilities to do proper cooking and washing.

The kids are in good spirits as usual.  They work very hard at school and are getting good results.  Some of them will be graduating from high school and moving onto tertiary education education this year, so the cost of school fees is set to increase.

These kids have a sense of responsibility and ambition.  They know that education is their way out of poverty and also of the need to give back to the orphanage.  One of the girls I spoke to wanted to be a doctor because her own mother had passed away because they couldn’t afford to seek medical help.  Another wants to be a chef. Some are already in 2nd and 3rd year of tertiary education and the Project Huios team keep a close eye on their results as continued sponsorship of their school fees is contingent on them doing well since resources are scarce.

Our group of friends have been very blessed to be able to take part in the work that Project Huios is doing.   If you like to find out more about what the team is doing, do join us for the gathering on Mar 5 2017 from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.  The Indonesian lady who founded the orphanage will be in Singapore to give a presentation.  For more details, please write to [email protected].

Read about Project Roots and Wings here.

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