Soyako Bean Curd Bukit Timah Food Centre Part 5 of 5

Nowadays, I am a bit spoit when it comes to bean curd. With more and more stalls starting to make their own bean curd on the premises, the factory made bean curd has (for me at least) become what Kong Guan Bao is to Handmade Paus. If there are two bean curd stalls at the same food centre selling bean curd, and one is freshly made, I would gladly pay the 40 cents more for a bowl. What I like about freshly made bean curd is that the texture of the beancurd is usually finer and smoother than the factory made version. This one is no exception. The texture is really smooth and it does not taste watered down. Nowadays they don’t need to use plaster of paris anymore. There are new chemical additives that they can use to turn soyabean milk into beancurd (like fruit pectin). The ginko nuts were all freshly prepared with the bitter bit in the middle removed. Quite Shiok after all that food that we ate. 4/5 They are very generous with the peanuts in the peanut soup here. The Ah Balling are also (I am told) handmade at home. 4/5 Bean Curd $1 Bean Curd Ah Balling 4 $1.80 Bean Curd Ginko $1.80

Soyako Bean Curd

#02-166 Bukit Timah Food Centre
Singapore 588172

Opening hours:

8:00 AM to 10:00 PM



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