Seng Kee Carrot Cake: New Twist on an Old Dish Bukit Timah Food Centre Part 2 of 5

Have a look at the next evolution in Chye Tau Kway courtesy of Generation X! Oh yes, our Gen Xers are really coming up with innovative ways of updating age old favourites. Let me just take you through the process of making the Next Gen Chye Tau Kway. (Ok if this has already been around for a long time, then just call me a Sua Gu (ignoramus) ok?)

First, you buck the trend of taking the easy way out and invest in a really cool machine that can steam trays of homemade Chye Tau Kway! Now, you may be able to just make out the bits of carrots in this Carrot Cake. Certainly, the spattering of bright red carrot bits was a welcome change to the usual carrotless carrot cakes that we get served.

Next, innovate on the method of frying the Chye Tau Kway. First, fry the Chai Poh (preserved vegetables) in the middle of the pan until it is fragrant. Then when it is really nice and almost crispy, mix the chai poh with the carrot cake and add the eggs making sure that the whole thing is about 2 cm thick and fry until it is crispy on the outside and just cook on the inside. This whole process takes almost 10 minutes!

Wallah! Next Gen Carrot Cake. Crispy on the outside, yummy on the inside, 2cm thick, not so oily, with real Carrots which contain Vitamin A which is good for your eyes! 4/5

Seng Kee Carrot Cake

Bukit Timah Food Centre #02-182
Singapore 588172

Opening hours:

7:30 AM to 11:00 PM



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