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Many people are curious as to why I am doing this blog. So here is the

Mission Statement
ieatishootipost is dedicated to giving you
24 hour access to information
which will help you satisfy your hunger
or make you more hungry.

I love food, I love to taking pictures and I love to meet people. Those who love food love to share their discovery with others. No true foodie would eat something truly exceptional and not tell anyone about it. It’s like hitting a hole in one and keeping it to yourself. Those who love to take pictures, love to have other people admire their work. That is why sites like Flikr is so popular. I am no different from every Joe Blow/Ah Beng/Ah Seng on the Singapore street who wants their 15 mins of fame and to be heard. That’s why we all blog right?

After 2 months of blogging, I began to realise that people are actually reading my stuff and looking at my pictures! So I want to thank you all for dropping by and I really appreciate all your comments and encouragement. You are the reason I blog.

This blog is about faith, food, family and all the important things in life. But I think you all realise by now that it is more about food, faith and more food. As I go around taking pictures, I have managed to meet many new people and share in their lives. I have also gotten to know some of you as acquaintences which I hope will develop into meaningful friendships. But there are also the minority who misunderstand my intentions and somehow suspect that I am actually a Sith Lord in disguise, all out for self aggrandizement and profit. (Sounds like a Ferengi Sith Lord – Sci Fi Fans will understand or click on the links to find out)

Let me say from the outset that I do not receive any payment for my pictures or blogging any of the eateries in this blog. If stall owners ask for my pictures, I burn them on a CD and give it to them. Most of them use it for their stall promos. Some eateries who feel that they have been blessed by my efforts might “Chia” me to a free meal. I hope you all don’t consider that some sort of payment. I receive it as a blessing from them. (It is more blessed to give then to receive yah?)

I always make it a point to explain to the owners that I will put their photos on the web, but cannot guarantee if it will be a good review and that I might say their food is not so good. Those really bad ones I rather not mention. Firstly because nobody is interested to read about something really terrible, and, secondly it is not a very nice thing to do to the stall owners (Everybody is trying to make a living right?). I try my very best to say what is good about the place and offer suggestions on how to improve on the weak points. So please read carefully what I write instead of just looking at the pictures. If after reading my blog, the stallowners wish to improve on their food, I would gladly go back for another taste and update it on my blog. This way, the food can only get better and it is good for everybody.

Now about better food. I have already mentioned in my Poh Piah – Can we do better? blog that we need to encourage our hawkers to give us better food. This is not impossible. I have had some success in introducing the Godzilla Da Pau, ieatSuperBurger and Super Chicken/Steak Satays and so far people who have eaten these are very happy, and the stallowners are happy as well. These have all been introduced since the start of this blog (2-3 months) and I hope to do more. But I encourage you all to get into the act too! If you know of a hawker or new eatery with person who is willing to experiment and try new things, get them to do it and you can promote it through the makansutra forum and this blog or go start your own blog and lets all link up!

My next cockamamy(haven’t heard this phrase for a long time) idea is a picture archive of the top 5 stores of well known food centres in Singapore. In compiling this, I hope that it would be a useful resource that you can access 24 hours a day so that, should you decide to go to say, Lavender Food Square, you would know at least 5 stores that other people have said are not bad. How do I decide on the top 5? Well, this is where all the foodies at the makansutra forum comes in. The top 5 (more or less) are recommendations given by people like you and me who love food, although I give preference to well known makan gurus, ie the die-die-must-replies of which there are only 5 in Singapore. So rest assured that the stalls are well recommended. (But I might disagree! Ha ha)

This is no easy task as I have to eat a lot of food and at the same time maintain a healthy BMI (just below 24). So if you are interested in helping me taste the food, please write to me and become a food accomplice. I usually go around in the afternoons when its off peak. Please get involved by writing your comments at the end of the blog and also emailing me if you found somewhere really good. If you are interested in publishing but don’t want to start your own blog, then write to me and be a partner in this blog. The format has to be the same and the photography has to be good. Of course you will write under your own pen name and have your own style of writing.

I am also in the process of adopting a child from the carecorner orphanage which I wrote about in an earlier blog. The money will come from my Clinic and the Google Ads that I place in the blog. So if you see an ad that interests you, just click it. You will be helping to sponsor an orphaned child in Thailand. (Will keep you updated on who we are supporting)

Lastly, I often get asked by people who have benefitted from what I do, why do I do it if not for money? I think that if you have read all the stuff above you would understand some of my reasons already. It is hard for someone to understand why someone would spend an hour or so taking tens of hundreds of shots and not wanting anything for it. (Aside from the fact that he may be crazy, which I might be) The fact is that everybody does something for a reason but my reason is not money.

In this world it is hard to believe that you can get something for free. Yes, it is too good to be true and there must be a catch somewhere. The best things in life are often free but they always come with a catch. Like the love your mother, father, wife and kids give to you. You can’t buy that love, but you have to still have to sacrifice something for it. In my own life, the best free gift I have ever received is that which God has offered to each and everyone of us, and that is abundant everlasting life but the catch is you have to accept it by putting your faith in his Son, Jesus Christ and committing your life to Him.

For God so loved the World, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

God is my refuge and my fortress, my anchor and sure foundation. Every possible blessing comes from Him, God promises it to us as our inheritance, but we must commit ourselves to worshipping Him as God and have him run our lives. When you do that, Phwaa Say! It’s like eating the best Matsuzaka Beef for the very first time (my fantasy), but only much much better! When you eat that Beef, your experience might last a few days or even weeks, but when you experience the reality of God, you will never hunger or thirst again!

If you are reading this because you like my food photos but in your own life you are searching for a reason to live, a motivation for living and a hope for the everafter, then take a bold step and make a major change in your life by accepting God’s gift to you. Click here to learn more. Nothing is going to change unless you do something radical. Go talk to a Christian friend about it or email me. I would love to hear from you. And if God touches your heart through this blog, then that is the best encouragement for me to keep blogging!

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