Malay Kuih: Lontong Shiok Ah!

This stall is closed

My wife insists that I need to blog this particular lontong because it is in her words “to die for”. Yeah, she’s been going on about this lontong for months. She has it for breakfast almost every Saturday without fail just before doing her weekly grocery shopping. She even brought mum there and mum ended up going there mid-week to get her lontong fix. So, like any good husband, I followed my wife’s instructions and brought my camera to blog the place…….after much incessant “persuading”.

So what’s lontong anyway? I see it as a sort of reverse rice dish. The usual way to eat rice is to have the rice on a plate and put the gravy on top. In lontong, you have the gravy on a plate and you put the rice on top. Ok it may be a stretch of the imagination, but lontong is essentially compressed rice in a spicy coconut gravy yah?

Anyway the lontong here is really quite good. I haven’t really been big on lontong but I would have to say that this one is pretty darn good. The gravy is just about right. Not too spicy or too rich, such that you can really drink it all up. The best part is the way the soft rice blends with the gravy and the kerisik (fried grated coconut). My wife insists that it is a 4.5/5 and all you husbands out there (who wish to enjoy a peaceful existence) would agree with me that it is best to just give a nod and say “Yes Dear”.

Anyway, apart from the lontong, the stall also sells a variety of homemade, traditional kuihs which are quite good. They have tapioca cakes, kuih kosui, doughnuts and many others. The kuih kosui was specially good. It had just the right texture, springy yet creamy at the same time and just about the right amount of sweetness.


Have not really looked into Singapore’s most famous and tastiest lontong but I have to say that this one is good enough to be included in such a list.

Malay Kuih

Banquet Food Court, Blk 217 Bedok North St 1

Opening hours:

8:30 AM to 10:00 PM

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The stall is closed. It has been changed to another hawker stall.

Thanks for the update!

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