ieat Makan Session: Pecka Pizza

ieat Makan Session: Pecka Pizza – ieatishootipost

Many thanks to everyone who turned up for our Pizza and Kopi session last Saturday! Thanks also to Byron and Damien who provided food for the evening. Damien had left for Italy last year to learn the art of the true Napoletana pizza from Pizza Maestro, Gaetano, whose disciples include last year’s World Pizza Champion, Akinari Mikishima. Damien tells me that his pizzas are made with wild yeast that has been harvested in our very own backyard, making this a pizza that is unique to Singapore!

Judging from the response from our kakis, he should do very well when he opens his restaurant soon. (Actually he is still looking for a suitable location, so if you can help, please write to me). In the meantime, you can invite Damien to your home for a Pizza Party! He normally charges $450 for 15 pizzas (enough for 20-25 pax) but if you mention you are an ieatishootipost reader, then he’ll give you a special price of $430. Different charges apply for corporate functions. For more information, please visit the Pecka Pizza Facebook page:

Many thanks also to Byron who provided the Kopi and Teh Si to go with the Pizza as well as Kaya Toast! Good Morning Nanyang Cafe will be relocating soon as Chinatown point will be undergoing renovations. So if you have not tried Byron’s Kopi and Kaya Toast yet, better go soon!

We managed to collect $1500 from this session which is matched $ for $ by MHCAsia. So in all, we collected $3000 for our Sandakan School Building Fund. That might not seem to be a lot to us, but it does a lot in Sandakan!

The photo above shows one of the 17 schools that our ieatishootipost community are supporting. Each child gets RM5 for monthly supplies (30 kids= RM150 per month) and each of the two teachers receive RM100 each to teach the children. So in all, this school only costs RM350 (S$143) per month to run. So our $3000 donation actually goes to provide these 30 kids with education for 20 months!

Perhaps you too can help?

For more information, on Goducate, please visit their website:
To read about the situation in Sandakan please click here.


Thanks to OMark and Soundman for organizing the makan session and Joao for taking the photos.

Thanks to MHCAsia for their continued support for our Makan Sessions. By donating through our ieatishootipost events, your contribution essentially doubles!

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