Ieat Durian Degustation IV: The Aftermath… Burrp!

Photos taken by ieat and Cactuskit

Many thanks to all the ieaters who turned up for the Durian Degustation! Although it was the end of season, we still managed to put up a great party and judging from the feedback, it looks like everyone is game for another degustation when the next season starts in October!

A big thank you to Mr Goh, the owner of 717 Trading who graciously hosted our event at the very special price of $20 per pax. The value of the durians that was provided that night was closer to $40 due to the current price of durians. 717 Trading has hosted durian parties of more than 1000 people, so the durian logistics part was a breeze. I would highly recommend them to any corporation or groups who want to organize their own parties. You can contact Shann (Lao Ban Niang in the making) at 62877717 and she can work with you on your party.

I also have to thank a whole bunch of ieatstaff who rallied alongside me to organize this session. I couldn’t have done it without them. So thanks to SCS Butter (Chairman), Drazreel (Treasurer), HappiMummi, Rocket Girl (previously known as Amagada), PowerAunty and the Power Gang, Holybro, Lovejade, Huijin and the rest of our kakis who came to “connect arm and legs”. (Dao Ka Chiu).

717 Trading is opening a new cafe soon and we may organize a Durian Dessert Degustation. They tell me that they are investing in an ice cream machine to make full use of their excess Mao Shan Wang Durians! Their pastries are made in support of the Yellow Ribbon Project and Mr Goh would visit the Prisons to supervise the making of the pastries as well as to counsel the inmates. As I already mentioned, the new Mao Shan Wang season starts in October, so we might be doing Durian Deguation V – “The Return of the Mountain Cat” soon.

All these sessions are organized for you. So I need to know if there is sufficient interest for these events. If you are interested to come, please write a comment in this post and indicate if you are interested in the Durian Dessert Degustation or Durian Degustation V or both. A good number of comments would be an indication for me to start organizing!

You can read my review of 717 Trading here.

If you wish to be sent an invite to the next Makan Session, please join our facebook group. Click here.

717 Trading

22 Yio Chu Kang Road #01-01 Highland Centre

Opening hours:

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