Ieat Durian Degustation III – the Aftermath! Burrrp!

A very warm welcome to our new kakis who signed up for the Durian Degustation session from the ieatishootipost Facebook group! It is great to put a face to some familiar nicknames as well as to get to meet some lurkers!

I think we all can say that we really got our money’s worth that night. Ah Loon gave us much more than a tasting menu and I saw many kakis had to tapau durians home!

The evening started off with the Hong Xia from JB which was excellent, followed by the D13 which looked quite similar the the Hong Xia but the taste was less complex. This was followed by the less common Penang Hong Xia which is usually quite sought after, but I think the batch that night was not really at its prime. This was followed by the Black Pearl which I thought was the best of the lot that evening. The bitterness in the Black Pearl was excellent. Then we had the Hulu, named because of its violin like shape like the gourd of the same name, followed by the petite Golden Phoenix and finally, we finished with the prized Mao Shan Wang or Butter Durian which is again excellent.

We are smack in the Durian Season, so prices are great. The Hong Xia is $7 per kg and Mao Shan Wang is $12 per kg. If you are looking for a reliable, honest Durian Seller, then you should visit Ah Loon and Ah Teck. They are at 231 East Coast Road (Opp Jago Close). You can contact him for your durian needs by calling 97514828.If you mention ieatisihootipost, you will get the special ieatishootipost price!

We might organize another degustation soon if there is enough interest but we will at least 50 pax to be able to get the same deal. So if you are interested to attend another one please let me know.

Link to the last Durian Degustation
Link to watch video on how to choose durian
Learn about other Durian cultivars

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