Carl’s Jr Special ieatishootipost Promo: Get discount coupons when you mention this blog! – ieatshootipost

From Monday till Wednesday, you can get a “$2 off your combo meal” coupon at Carl’s Jr at Suntec City. All you need to do is to go up to the counter staff and say:” I read ieat-ishoot-ipost: Never waste your calories on yucky food!” and get three $2 coupons which are valid till the end of the year.


May I encourage you to go down and get the coupons! A good response from you all would mean that we can continue to get more of such offers (or even better ones) in the future, so grab your friends and go get the coupons!

Carl’s Jr Special ieatishootipost Promo: Get discount coupons when you mention this blog! – ieatshootipost

I still remember the first time I had a fast food burger. It was when Macdonald’s made its first appearance in Singapore. Their first store was at Liat Towers. I remember Mom bringing us three boys to watch “Moonraker” at Lido and then we popped over to Liat Towers to have MacDonald’s. I think a Big Mac at that time cost around $3 plus while a plate of Char Kway Teow cost $1. So going to Mac’s was quite a treat in those days.

Nowadays MacDonald’s is more of a staple then a treat. Most of the time we find ourselves in MacDonald’s because that’s where the kids keep pestering us to bring them. One would hardly go to Mac’s for its burgers.

When Carl’s Junior made its appearance more than a year ago, the fast food Burger was once again worth eating. For one, they were BIG and BIG is very enticing. My first Burger was the Portabello Mushroom Burger and I was very impressed after the first mouthful. Carl’s Jr’s Beef patties were really nice and beefy and the bun were oh so soft. Combined with the distinct taste of the Portabello mushrooms, it has been my favourite fast food Burger ever since. 4.25/5

I was invited by the one of the marketing people (who happens to be one of our readers) to do a review of their latest Burger Promo which is the Teriyaki burger. Their Teriyaki Burger has got a slice of pineapple and special Teriyaki sauce. It originated from Hawaii which explains the pineapple as I can’t remember ever having Teriyaki beef with pineapple. Apparently it is currently creating waves in the US. Teriyaki beef is one of my favourite dishes so my expectations were very high for this burger. If you are a bit of a sweettooth you will enjoy this. If I were to design a Teriyaki Burger, I would fry the pattie in the Teriyaki Sauce and add some sauteed onions and Shitake Mushrooms! 3.75/5


The Portabello Mushroom Burger is still my favourite fast food burger. You will have to try the Teriyaki Burger for yourself and let us know what you think. Now, I heard that they might consider bringing in a extra thick Beef pattie from the US soon. That would be very exciting, don’t you think? Let them know about it by writing in!

Promo only at
Carl’s Jr, Suntec City

Disclosure: I was invited to review the new Teriyaki Burger so the meal was provided for free. No other fees are received from Carl’s Jr for running the coupon promotion except that I got some a few coupons myself and I thought it would be good if you all could get some too.

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Great article! Really liked the idea of discounts on combo meal. Will definitely look forward for these kinda offer soon.

This offer has expired.

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