Big Ben’s Place: Eating the Humble Pie

With ieatjr

The meat pie was one of my favourite eats when I was studying in Australia. You can get them at just about every corner eatery that you can find. It’s one of those foods that I often get a craving for, just like Hokkien Mee and Satay.

It’s not easy to find a classic Aussie Pie in Singapore. A lot of the pies here are made of puff pastry rather than the shortcrust pastry. Lucky me, Big Ben’s is a great little pie shop that is just round the corner from where I live.

Steak, Bacon and Guiness Pie $3.50

What I like about these pies is the fact that they are close to what I used to eat in Australia. The crust is just right such that they are not overly crumbly but firm to the bite. You could almost describe it as “Al Dente” but not quite. My favourite flavour is the beef and mushrooms. They use nice chunky beef here and its just comfort food for me. I think that the amount of beef chunks have been reduced somewhat in recent days due to the increasing food cost. Although it might not be as good as the best pies I had in Australia, at least it comes close to a better than average pie there. 4.25/5

Chicken Pie $3.50

The chicken pie is one of their best sellers, but I did not like them as much as I like the beef pies. Even in Australia, I seldom eat chicken pies. I felt the gravy was too watery and herbally for my liking. 3.5/5


A pie to satisfy my craving for an Aussie pie. Now ieatjr has also developed a taste for it too!

Big Ben’s

Place 15 Swan Lake Avenue (Opera Estate)

Opening hours:

Mon to Sat: 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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