Xue Hua Fei Dessert: Wha Lao What a Watermelon! Bedok Interchange Part 5 of 7

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When I was Studying in Australia, we used to go to this place called the great Australian Ice Creamery. The group of us would order the “Kitchen Sink” which was 30 scoops of Ice Cream in a (literally) kitchen sink, albeit a small one complete with the S shape drain at the bottom. Imagine a group of hungry youths all eating out of a common receptacle with the last guy slurping up all the melted ice cream! This is real GROUP BONDING! Well thankfully, in Singapore the nearest thing you can get to the “Kitchen Sink” is the “earthquake” at Swensons which is more like a slight tremor registering 3 on the Richter Scale. Com’on it’s so small, Swenson’s should just call it the Tiny Tremor! If you are looking for something great for a group bonding excercise, may I suggest you go down to Bedok Interchange and order THE WATERMELON!

This is an excellent way to end your group makanouting!! It’s a scooped out watermelon with shaved ice sweetened with a very light syrup, topped with watermelon balls, longans, nata de coco and mixed fruit cocktail. Very very refreshing, low on calories and cholesterol and everybody gets to Chiong Ah!! (Rush). For $5, it can comfortably feed 5 adults or 10 kids! Yu Pee, Yu Chee, Mian Chao Lui Lah! (Cheap and Good, please keep the change!) 4/5





Post Script:

This is specially for the reader who commented about the kitchen sink. Well this is what it looks like. And if that is not enough, they have a double sink too!

Xue Hua Fei Cold & Hot Drinks

Bedok Interchange Food Centre #01-56, Singapore
Opening hours:
12:00PM to 10:00PM

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