Wham!burger’s Double Whammy with the Works!

With liverpool1965 and iwatch_ueat

I am sure you all saw this one coming! I finally managed to persuade our dear Sweaty Burger Aunty cum Sultry Lounge Singer, Wendy to make the Double Whammy with the Works! Isn’t it every Burger fan’s dream to eat the biggest, juiciest burger on the planet? I know that the pictures are going to elicit 2 types of responses. The first is, “That must be Darn Shiok! Man!” and the second is “Eee, So Gross!!”

There are 2 versions of the Burger. The Double Whammy is 2 patties with cheese and costs $8.50. The Double Whammy with the Works includes an egg and a beautifully sauteed Portabello Mushroom on top for an extra $1.30. Sweet Sauteed Onions are available for you to help yourself. Those of you who have tasted Carl’s Jr’s Portabello Mushroom burger will agree with me how nice Portabello Mushrooms go with Beef Burgers. As always her beef patties are beautifully marinated and juicy and I can almost guarantee that the 2 patties contain enough Cow to satisfy all but the most Hard Core Beefeaters.

Conclusion Not for everybody, only the hard core Burger Fans will appreciate this one! 4/5 The buns are better and tastes more buttery, but still needs to be bigger to absorb all the juices that the twin patties produce.


China Square Food Centre #B1-22, Singapore
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri: 11:00AM to 4:00PM
Wendy 90080604

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