Miow Sin Popiah and Carrot Cake – Lavender FC

This Poh Piah was highly recommended by the kakis at the forum, so I had to try it. Whoa, so much crispy thingies!! Very excited. But as the lady began to make the Poh Piah, I noticed that the Poh Piah skin has got the words “Made in Kaki Bukit” printed on it! Well, not really, but the Poh Piah skin was the factory made type and looked really synthetic! My heart dropped to the floor and bounced back up again. How can this be? Such a popular Poh Piah using skin made by a machine? This is bad, very bad.

Well, the Poh Piahs weren’t too bad, but they weren’t exceptional either. $1.20 3.75/5 Really, someone should just resurrect the whole Poh Piah industry and do what the Pau industry did. Let’s bring back the handmade Poh Piah skin! Don’t let the factories at Kaki Bukit take over this priceless heritage! Please read my other post “Poh Piah, can we do better?” by clicking THIS.

This same store also sells fried carrot cake. So I asked the man, “Ah Chik, why your carrot cake so good? You make your own carrot cake isit?”, to which he answered “No lah, buy from supplier one!” I am not having a good day! So I pressed him. “Why your carrot cake so famous?”, to which he replied “Don’t know leh”. No good, no good at all.

But the carrot cake WAS really good. Really crispy and lots of Chai Poh. The chilli is shiok for those who like spicy stuff. I found out later after much interogation that they actually put some secret ingredients to the carrot cake before they add the eggs. Best white carrot cake I had in a while and well worth trying. 4/5

This stall has been around for over twenty years and started at Long House. Along the way, the convenience of the synthetic Poh Piah Skin and the factory produced carrot cake must have lured them to the dark side. I really hope that they at least continue to make their own chilli, turnips and crispy thingy or the next generation won’t know what a real Poh Piah tastes like!

Miow Sin Popiah and Carrot Cake

380 Jalan Besar, Lavender Food Square, #01-04, Singapore 209000
Opening hours:
10:00AM to 12:00PM

Alternate Wednesdays

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