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Category: Do Good

Happy New Year: Ieatishootipost’s New Year’s resolution…..

Postcard from Sandakan: Makan Mission III

The ieatishootipost School Building Fund needs your help!

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Ieat’s 3rd Makan Mission to Sandakan: Registration now opened

Fukuichi Japanese Seafood Fest

Ieat Makan Session: Fukuichi Japanese Seafood Fest and Update on Goducate

The ieat Beef Appreciation II: Now Bigger and Juicier!

ieat Sandakan Makan Mission 2010 Report

ieat’s inaugural overseas Makan Mission! Sandakan here we come!

First Ieat Overseas Volunteer cum Makan Trip!: Sandakan here we come!

The Gen Shu JHK Makan Session!