Bugis Street Beef Kuay Teow – Lavender FC

This Stall is closed

Why do they always put a picture of a happy cow on the signboard. This is a BEEF kway teow stall and the cow should be the least happy of all.

Anyway this is a second generation stall. The stallowner’s father started this Beef Kway Teow in Bugis Street and they moved over here about 8 years ago. The stallowners are very friendly and modest and I am sure you won’t get any of that “Dao” attitude if you have special requests.

The soup here is robust with slight tinge of herbs. Drink it hot and its a sure cure for a hazy day. The meat is not overcooked and tender. I especially like the cooked beef which had a nice beefy taste to it. The tendons could be a little softer and more gooey.

4/5 Good Beef Kway Teow, as good as the famous one at Purvis Street everyone talks about.

Bugis Street Ngak Seah Beef Kuay Teow

Opening hours:
(Not available)

Alternate Wednesdays

One thought on “Bugis Street Beef Kuay Teow – Lavender FC”

  1. The former assistant has been operating at TPY lorong 8 market. Taste like the original one. Nearby can try. The stall is the last rows facing the shops.

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