Albert St Hokkien Prawn Mee – Lavender FC

Another highly recommended stall from the forum. My favourite so far is the Beach Road Prawn Mee along East Coast Road, so I was really keen to see if this can tingle my tastebuds.Whaa, so many big prawns, and there is a black and white picture of a man selling noodles on a push cart with 1963 written on it. I wasn’t even an idea then!It so happens that the man in the picture is the father of the lady selling noodles at the store.2nd Generation prawn mee, looking good so far.

So I asked the boss of the stall if they have any special secret ingredients in the soup. Some prawn mee nowadays add stuff like dried scallops, crabs and other goodies. But no, they stick to a traditional receipe and use only prawns. (Or else they would have to call it scallop, crab, prawn mee right?)

The verdict: The soup was quite shiok and much better then your “no name, run of the mill, HDB coffeeshop” prawn mee, BUT I still feel that the Beach Road one has more kick.The prawns are really fresh and the portions of pork ribs are quite generous.This bowl costs $5 which is cheaper then Beach Road.For $5 you get 2 medium sized prawns split into half.If you want the “Mother of All Prawns” like the one in the first picture, you’ll have to fork out a green note from your wallet. (5 bucks)

Quite satisfying prawn noodle soup. Not the King of the King Prawn Noodle, but certainly worth trying when you are there.


Albert Street Hokkien Big Prawn Mee

380, Jalan Besar, Lavender Food Square, #01-10 , Singapore 338758
Opening hours:
10:00AM to 3:00PM

Permanently closed

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