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A very warm welcome to Channel News Asia viewers who are visiting our blog after seeing the feature on PrimeTime this morning.

For a quick introduction to the hightlights of the blog, please click here. To read the cover story of ieatishootipost on Lian He Zao Bao (with English translation) click here.

For more suggestions on where to eat, you might also want to join our growing community of foodies in the forum.

So if you are here for the first time, may I warmly welcome you and hope you find something good to eat!

Update: 6 August 2008

Finally managed to get a clip of it!

Here’s the transcript:

If you’re in Singapore and itching for a good bite…
here’s a website with some good suggestion on where to go.

Let’s take a look.
It’s time to hit the culinary trail –

This website features a good offering of local fare and western cuisines…
from chicken rice and fried noodles, to burgers and pastas – whatever suits your palate!

Here, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to Singapore’s favourite foods and where to get them.

Filled with pictures of delectable dishes…
the site is regularly updated with recommendations of the best places to find them.

A food reviewer gives his take of each dish, how it’s prepared and why you should try it, or give it a miss.

You’ll also find a good directory of food outlets listed in alphabetical order…
categorised by location of where to eat, and the different types of dishes.

Take your pick –
the “Really Must Try List”
You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Or “Hawker Home Recipes”
for the adventurous who would like to try replicating the dishes of famous chefs.

So, if you’re in sunny Singapore…
this is one website you’ll want to consult before you heading out for a good meal.

Hungry yet?

For the transcript of the clip, please click here.

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