The ieat AGM (Annual General Makan)

Just to let you all know that we are in the midst of planning the ieat AGM – Annual General Makan session. Every year we usually have our main makan session around October to celebrate the blog’s anniversary. However, this year, that did not happen in October because, well, it just did not happen.

As you all know, our makan sessions have proven to be very popular and so a lot of people have been disappointed that they could not get a seat. I know this is a problem since most restaurants can only hold up to 100 pax. So, for this end-of-the-year, Xmas, AGM, I have specially booked a restaurant that can hold up to 1000 pax so that everyone can join in.

Every year I also take the opportunity to use the makan session to support a charity. My heart has always been for the underprivileged children. This year, we will again be supporting the Oakley ministry which looks after children whose parents are in prison. We also supported their work last year. Below is an example of what they do:

Two of the kids we support are actually stepbrothers who have been brought up by their grandparents. Mother was in jail. Upon her release, she abandoned them and has since remarried and gave birth to another daughter. She has 2 other older children who live with their father in Malaysia. Grandmother is sickly with diabetes, weak legs and failing eyesight. Grandfather is the only breadwinner and works at the airport as an aircraft cleaner. We subsidise their school fees and school bus transport at $50 per child per month and give them supermarket shopping vouchers as and when requested. They also have been attending our tuition program regularly and has grown attached to our volunteers who treat them like their own children. The volunteers also bring them out occasionally for meals especially on their birthdays. We also visit their grandparents occasionally to make sure they are ok.

Our AGM will be more than just a makan session. We will be organizing fun activities for the night and there will also be bands and other forms of entertainment. It will be very much like a D & D but we probably would not have the 2nd D. In order to make it accessible to everyone, we are targeting the tickets to be $50 per pax.

We are also looking for sponsors who can donate doorgifts, auction items, things for the children etc. So if you or your company are able to support, please write to leslie.tay@gmail.

The details and registration will be released next week. In the meantime, please mark 18 December on your calendar! Hope to see EVERYONE there!

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