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This tea smoked salmon recipe is the kind of recipe that will surely become a regular thing in your kitchen.  It is so simple to do, yet it yields a dish that would make any of your guests say “I can’t believe you really did this yourself!  You must be pulling my leg right?” It is very versatile and can be used as a main dish or as an accompaniment for salads and sandwiches.  We use fresh salmon from Hai Sia to make this dish, which means that the fish was still swimming in water barely a week ago!  Hai Sia salmon slices have the pin bones already removed, but just check to make sure that there aren’t any pin bones on the fillet before you cure it.


Fresh Salmon 200g x 2
Sugar 2 Tbsp
Salt 2 Tbsp

Tea Smoke
1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup uncooked rice
1/3 cup tea leaves


Remove salmon from the packaging and run your fingers over the fish to make sure that all the pin bones have been removed. Cover salmon with sugar and salt mixture and wrap tightly with cling wrap.  Leave in fridge to cure for 2-4 hrs.  After curing, remove salmon from cling wrap and wash away excess salt and sugar.  Pat dry with kitchen towel, oil the skin of the salmon and place on perforated metal dish.  Leave to air dry while you prepare the tea smoke. Line bottom of wok or pot with aluminum foil, creating a rim by folding up the edges. Place ingredients for tea smoke on the aluminum foil and turn on the stove at high heat.  Once wisps of smoke start to appear, place the salmon in the wok and cover with lid.  Smoke for 8 to 10mins.

Serving suggestion Tea smoked salmon is perfect with cheese, crackers and a crisp white wine.  Below is the list of the items that are shown in the video for your cheese platter:

Ingredient List from Redmart

1. Serve by HaiSia Seafood: Fresh Norwegian Salmon Portion (200g)
2. Shizuoka – Hojicha Japanese Tea Leaves
3. Givvo Australia Green Kale – 125g
4. Matua Valley Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Wine
5. The Cheese Shop Gouda
6. The Cheese Shop  Delice Triple cream brie
7. Rians Le Roule  Garlic And Herbs Cheese Spread (150g)
8. Mrs Bridges Port Wine Jelly 
9. Falwasser Crispbread by Culina

10. Live Well Dill Fresh Herbs (15g)
11. RedMart  Whole Roasted Hazelnuts
12. RedMart  Baked Walnuts
13. RedMart  Dried pitted apricots

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Do the type of tea leaves we use matter? Should we use good tea or not so good tea?

Don’t bother to use a good tea, just use a normal Chinese tea you can get your hands on.

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