Ribeye Steak with Mushroom Sauce: RedMart Recipes

A nicely charred ribeye steak with a luscious mushroom sauce is a gourmet dish that you can easily make at home with a few simple ingredients delivered to your doorstep with several taps on your keyboard!  It doesn’t take a lot of time to do and would be infinitely better than a steak that you order for home delivery!

All necessary ingredients were sourced from RedMart.  Click on the ingredient to add to your cart.


RedMart label – Angus Ribeye Steak  x 2
RedMart label – Pure Olive Oil   1 Tbsp
President Butter 1 Tbsp
Salt and black pepper

Mushroom Sauce

Redmart label – Gourmet Swiss Brown Mushrooms 1 punnet (200g)
Shallots 4 or one small onion
Garlic 2 cloves
Knorr Beef Cube 1/2 cube
Bulla Light Thickened Cooking Cream 1/2 bottle
Cheong Chan Thick Caramel Sauce 2 tsp
De Nigril Balsamic vinegar with grape must 1 tsp


RedMart label – Russet Potatoes
RedMart label – Australian Broccoli


1.  Pat the steaks dry and sprinkle with salt and black pepper  on both sides.
2.  Heat pan and add butter and oil
3.  Pan fry ribeye steaks 1 min on each side for medium rare.  1.5 mins for medium
4.  Remove steaks and tent with aluminium foil and allow the steaks to rest.
5.  Add chopped shallots and garlic to pan and fry till fragrant
6.  Dissolve 1/2 cube of beef stock in 1/4 cup water and add to the pan
7. Add thickened cream to pan and bring to a simmer
8. Add caramel sauce and balsamic vinegar and adjust to taste

Serving suggestion
This mushroom sauce goes really well with mashed potatoes!  To make mash potatoes, peel russet potatoes and boil till they are soft.  Then add butter, salt and white pepper and mash!

Hope your ribeye steak with mushroom sauce works out for you! Happy cooking!

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Hi Sir,
May I ask is there an alternative for the Cheong Chan thick caramel sauce? Thank you.

[…] A simple recipe for ribeye steak with mushroom sauce that will rival any steaks you can buy at the restaurants! Source […]

Thank you so much for the encouragement!

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